Stumbling on Drama

Yesterday afternoon, when I went in to pick up my check, Sarah was working by herself, having sent Audrey home a little bit early. She seemed a little frazzled after I mentioned that I’d need the evening of May 19th off for my next dentist’s appointment. I asked if everything was okay and, in different words, she told me that she was feeling stressed, trying to make out the schedule, what with Audrey working only one day a week from now on, and a recent rash of complaints she’s had about … Then she just sort of trailed off, and made a motion like she was zipping her lip. I kind of gathered what she meant and said so. She said she’s getting pressure to fire one of our employees. Apparently, this person has had several complaints lately (not to mention the loads of others in the past), a couple of which were followed up by “I’m not coming in as long as [employee] works here.”


I didn’t ask for any details and I didn’t want to get stuck in the middle of it, I just told her she had to do what she had to do, and it has nothing to do with her feelings about [said employee]. Regardless of whether or not we all like this person as an individual, that does not make [him or her] pleasant or easy to deal with.

Then, this evening, I’m taking Alvy for an extra walk because it’s nice out and might rain all day tomorrow, and I decide to stop by the coffeeshop and see Sarah. She comes out and pets him and we’re chatting, when she hints that something else is going on. I already know who she’s working with, and ask if that’s who it’s about and she sighs, saying yes. She’s saying she really wishes we could find some quality people to work at the store when Katie (our trainer/regional manager) pulls up. I notice she’s carrying some sort of form that looks official and not-at-all good. Sarah goes back in and Katie asks me what I’m up to tonight. I say nothing much, just cleaning, taking care of the dogs. I ask what she’s up to tonight and Katie sighs, in a way that’s very similar to Sarah’s earlier. She says not much because now she has to work tomorrow and nods towards the inside of the store.


The person inside was supposed to work tomorrow. I ask if she needs me to come in for her, would she like me to work tomorrow? No, no, no, it’s okay. I ask again, and again Katie says not to worry about it.

Alvy and I walk home, and I can’t help but think what a mess things are getting at work. Again. I feel bad for both people who are in trouble, but neither of them really seems to care enough about their jobs to take it seriously or think things through. One of them couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag, and the other one just scowls at everyone who walks in the door, and tends to make scathing, sarcastic remarks that not everyone thinks are hilarious.

In other news, Charlie’s initial sit-down with his potential employer didn’t turn out as well as he’d hoped. The pay was less than he really needs to make ends meet, and it would be his own responsibility to study and pay for some sort of physical therapy/training certification. It could be upwards of $500, not including the cost of an exam. So he called Chris and spoke with him, saying it just wasn’t going to work out. At which point Chris asked how much he needed, and suggested Charlie come in with a figure and they’d see what they could do.

I think, essentially, Chris needs someone to manage the place while he’s gone. In his words: a right-hand man. Chris is a firefighter and has to be on call for days at a time. He does a lot of therapy for older people, Parkinson’s patients, and some one-on-one training for wealthy, over-privileged people and celebrities. Not that Indianapolis is brimming with them, but, you know — football players, newscasters, that kind of crap.

I haven’t heard much from Charlie about it in the past couple of days. I think he needs to set up another meeting with Chris, but he’s had to work a lot this week. Luckily, he’s training a girl to open and close who’s reliable. Unfortunately, that means he has to go in earlier and stay later. I saw him today for about three hours before he went in for a concert and a dance night. I told him, whatever job he wants to do is his choice and I’m not trying to talk him in to or out of anything. But I really hate that effing nightclub.


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