Anyone Want a Kitty?

Our cat, Ranma, has developed some personality quirks that lead us to believe that he cannot stand living in a multi-pet household. In the past three days, he has peed on the bathroom rug once each day. This has been going on for almost two years, but only occasionally until just this week, when it’s been constant. As soon as I wash the bathmat and put it back upstairs, he goes in there and pees on it. He has also marked the dogs’ beds many times, causing us to have to throw them out and purchase new ones.

At first I attributed this to dirty catboxes, but the boxes are kept clean all the time ever since we first noticed this habit of his. It’s not a medical thing — while Ranma is almost 9 years old, he is the one pet I’ve ever had who does not have any kind of health problems. But it’s getting to the point that we’re having to leave him in the basement when we’re out of the house, or put him in the backyard, where he does not want to be and cries incessantly to come back in.

In fact, when this all began was about the time Andouille got sick in September of ’06. Ranma started to sort of take over as alpha male and was caught trying to hump Douille occasionally, something he had never done. He’s always lived with Douille, and has lived with dogs since he was two years old.

I absolutely will not take him to a shelter, no-kill or not, and abhor the idea of posting an ad on CraigsList. If you or anyone you know would like a single kitty who does not do well with other pets, please, please, please let me know. He will love you and only you forever.


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