I know you all are positively dying to know how my dentist appointment went yesterday, aren’t you? You’re thinking “Man! I got to hear all about Courtney’s teeth for so long, and then, for the past few months – nothing! I’m experiencing severe withdrawal!”

Well, friends, you know I don’t want to let you down. Yesterday I sat through an hour of cleaning and x-rays, and an exam by hottie Dr M. They said I’ve obviously been doing a great job at home and my teeth are in really good shape and they’re oh-so-proud of me.

However. There does seem to be this teeny-tiny little problem back here on this crown we placed last year. No biggie, we just need to take that sucker off and get you a new one.

My heart sank. All I said was “Poop.” Then they went on and on about how it wasn’t my fault and my home care has clearly been exceptional and this will be of no cost to me, it’s their fault, this crown just wasn’t placed quite right and they need to make sure it fits perfectly.

I said it wasn’t the money that bothered me. I’d pay them NOT to give me more shots, get another crown popped off, have another fitting, tenderly chew on one side of my mouth for two weeks, then go back and have the new permanent put back in. Unfortunately, this isn’t an option.

Other than that, though, I feel I did pretty well anxiety-wise. Normally when I go to the dentist, even though I really like this place and all the people, I still tend to get a little knot in my stomach when I’m headed to an appointment. Yesterday I noticed I didn’t get that, and other than a few little ouchies, I didn’t tense up much at all during the cleaning. Hooray!

This morning I saw my counselor. We talked about my sister and my mom some more, I gave her a little background information on the psycho former housemate, and we even talked about my fear of having kids. I’m sure it’s all pretty normal. If you didn’t have an exceptional childhood, and you have some resentment towards one or both parents for any sort of physical, emotional, or psychological wrongdoings, you aren’t going to want to pass that on to a tiny human being who doesn’t deserve it. She said I’m capable of getting over that stuff if I really want to work on it.

Audrey put in her notice yesterday, too. I don’t know when she was planning in telling me about it, because when I went in to request off the afternoon that I get my crown re-formed (or whatever it’s called), Mark told me she was leaving. Once again, my heart sank. I went home and waited for a text from her to give me the news and eventually sent one. “Congratulations! I’m crying on the inside,” I wrote her. She texted back: “Oh, no. Who told you?” Then she said she was still planning on keeping one shift per week and had asked that our manager schedule her with me. It’s probably going to be Mondays or Tuesdays, though, which sucks because Friday and Saturday mornings are our busiest times and I just don’t know if I can handle it without her help.

My only, eensy-weensy bit of relief comes in the form of an old (thankfully trustworthy) employee who wants to work a couple of mornings per week, and the fact that Leticia may (I hope) be back soon, as well. Her study abroad was four months, and she left the beginning of February, so I can only pray that she might return in the next few weeks. Sigh.


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