A Clean Slate … ?

I got a call from my mom this afternoon. One of their cats is ill and his symptoms sound similar to the ones Andouille had when he got sick a year and a half ago. Throughout the course of our conversation, the topic of Memorial Day came up. Charlie and I offered to host a family get-together here on that Sunday and I guess my mom told my sister about it. She said she suggested that my sister bring the new husband and introduce him to everyone. Considering the fact that they’ve been together for about five years and finally tied the knot a month ago, it seems she might at least think about telling her family.

I guess my sister said “it sure would be awkward” to come to my house, after all this time and since I “never talk to” her. I know I have detailed here before our lack of a relationship, but my perception is that she made a choice to avoid me and I was honoring that.

So I railed about it to Charlie for a minute, then he went to see Ironman. I sat down in front of the computer and I just emailed her. I said I didn’t wish her any harm, and if she did feel that I’d wronged her in some way that I do apologize. I said it felt silly to say this about something I may have done 25 years ago, but if this is how she feels, then I am sincerely sorry.

I doubt she’ll write back and if she does I’m sure it will be to argue any points she disagrees with, or tell her side. That’s fine. But at least I took the step to be the bigger person and explain my side. If she chooses to do nothing with the information, then at least I’ll know … I guess that I tried … ?


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