What’s Happening

Finals are over for me already. I can’t believe it. I turned in my journalism portfolio on Thursday. I can’t say it’s the most exceptional thing I’ve ever written, but it was pretty good and I enjoyed the course. This morning I had another appointment with the doctors in the study to determine where I stand. They think I’ll fit, but as I’ve mentioned before, I’m hesitant to take the actual study drug. Here’s hoping I get the placebo!

After that I headed straight to the SL building to take my psychology final. I sped through it, wondering why this exam felt so much easier than the last four. It wasn’t cumulative, and it was only over two chapters, but the questions even felt simpler. My instructor has a habit of being deceptive on the tests, like two answers sound really right and you don’t know which is correct until you realize one of the Latin names was spelled incorrectly or something like that. He’s tricky. When I got to the end, I checked my final score and I’d only gotten four questions wrong. I couldn’t believe it. Even though I was in a room full of other people taking tests silently, my arms shot up in the air in a little Rocky maneuver.

My final final (ha, ha) was at 1pm today and I soared through that, as well. To be completely honest, I didn’t try all that hard. It was four pages of stylistic editing, and while I’m pretty sure I caught all the little misspellings and grammatical errors, I wasn’t very interested in the text so I didn’t spend a lot of time on editing for style. I probably did “B” work but I know I’ll have an A in the class.

I go back to the therapist next Tuesday, and I don’t return to the doctors in the study for another two weeks. I’m glad for that. I just realized my parking pass expires on May 31st and I have no way to park after that, without dishing out money for a summer pass. I’m not thrilled with that idea.

Our “rebate” check should be directly deposited in the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, my half is already spent. My summer class at Ivy Tech (finite) is $350, not including the textbook, and I have another appointment with the dentist next Monday. This time I have to get x-rays, so I have no clue what it will cost. Gas at the Shell down the street was $3.75 for regular this morning (what do you think of that, Cavan?), so Charlie and I are tossing around the idea of getting another car.
The Matrix doesn’t get bad gas mileage, and he’s not willing to part with his truck just yet. While we’ve had both vehicles for just about a year, we were pricing the Toyota Yaris and smart cars. Unfortunately, the Yaris is the better deal. smart cars have a 2+ year waiting list in Indianapolis right now. I joked that Charlie should pre-order one. By that point, gas could be five or more bucks a gallon, and he could trade in his truck for it. I’d give him the “bigger” car and take the smart car.

Audrey and I have toyed with the idea of applying at the new Fresh Market when it opens in a couple of months. She’ll be living in Broad Ripple and it’s just a short bike ride from here. I’ve been trying to talk Charlie into doing something — anything — else, other than managing the club. He thinks it will look bad to apply for another job when he was just promoted. It feels like it’s always something with that place. He has the most ridiculous sense of loyalty to it, and I just don’t understand why. I don’t trust the owner as far as I could throw him. Did I mention the owner fired Charlie’s assistant manager last week? He completely humiliated him and banned him from the club for life. I think he got wind that the guy was planning on moving to Florida with his girlfriend, and he overheard the assistant talking shit about him in the office. Oh, yeah – the owner has video and audio in the office and likes to watch at home. What a sleaze.


3 thoughts on “What’s Happening

  1. I got bored the other day, so I figured out how much a gallon of gas is here (since everything is in liters and euros).

    It came out to be $7.80 a gallon. And a shitload of people drive here, even though if you live in the city, you have absolutely no need to.

    That said, I still have no desire to come back and pay even $3.75 for something I hate doing.

    I’m sending you an email soon.

  2. I am glad your finals are over for you. I am sure you got an A in everything. I have two more (both Thursday).

    Gas is ridiculous. I wish we could situate ourselves so that we wouldn’t have to drive so much or for my husband, at least. But the way things are layed out here, it is impossible unless we camped in his parking lot.

    Wishing good things for your study!

  3. On Friday I suggested to Dave that we put the $99 down for a Smart Car! He said he’s not ready… and I said, “Well, good; you won’t have to actually BE ready for over a year!” No luck yet. I tried to come see you yesterday before my dentist appointment (yes, I thought since I was getting my teeth cleaned, better to drink the coffee before, rather than after!).

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