Just So You Know

In case you thought we were in a recession, George W. Bush disagrees. “We’re not in a recession,” he said. After a long pause he followed up with “We’re in a slow-down.”

So. There you are.


2 thoughts on “Just So You Know

  1. This is funny – glad you posted it 🙂 Bush is such a tool. This is why quite honestly I’m not getting myself worked up over the Hillary versus Barack thing – at this point either one would be a vast improvement.

    Ben: Who determines when a country is in an official recession anyway? Are you really so naive as to think that if Bush and Ben Bernanke say we aren’t in a recession we aren’t? Greenspan says we are – sometimes – but he’s no longer the chairman of the Federal Reserve. The GOP has most likely forbade Bush from declaring a recession because it’s an election year. It’s about manipulating the message and politics from the top down. If you want to know about a recession you need to ask the people who have lost or are losing jobs. You need to ask the millions getting foreclosed on. You need to ask those of us who are forking out $80 bucks to fill our gas tank and having to cut other expenses because of it. And you need to talk to retirees like my mom who have been watching their retirement and investment accounts dwindle beyond control.

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