Fun Bobby Likes Half-Caf

There’s this eccentric family who comes in every morning, mostly the patriarch, occasionally with one of his sons or daughters. The dad is probably 80-some-odd years old, his wife is pretty much bed-ridden. Apparently they have this gigantic house on the old northside and tend to take in strays. Not dogs and cats, but people who have no where else to go. One of them is our resident Toothless Angry Hungarian, about whom I have yet to blog, and who really doesn’t deserve the energy I would use to type about her.

The sweet old man has a son-in-law who has an extremely irritating habit of repeating every little detail of his drink order to us several times. The wife, our sweet old man’s daughter, is really high-strung, and bounces around the store like a twelve-year-old. She and her husband also like to flip on our gas fireplace, no matter the temperature outside, and proceed to sit at a table that’s about as far away from the fire that one could get.

I discovered today that there are eleven children, total, the youngest of which was in town on Saturday and had coffee with his oldest brother. He’s an attractive guy, and looks a lot like his older brother, which is why he seemed so familiar to me. But there was . . . something else. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what about the guy was so familiar until this morning. Sarah told me he’s an actor and lives in LA. I laughed and said who isn’t an actor that lives in LA?

When it slowed down enough for us to turn off the point-of-sale system on the store computer and go to a Web browser, we looked him up on IMDB. He’s been in a lot of stuff, mostly bit parts, but when we scrolled down to see he was a recurring character on Friends, I finally figured out who he was. Fun Bobby!

It’s a little embarrassing to admit that I watched that ’90s sitcom enough to recognize an actor from a couple of episodes, but I do. Oh, and he likes a large half-regular, half-decaf coffee. Just so you know. And he’s a lot better looking in person than he is on his IMDB page.


One thought on “Fun Bobby Likes Half-Caf

  1. It’s so funny because as soon as I saw your title, I knew exactly who you were talking about! I’m not sure anyone our age didn’t watch Friends, at least at one point.

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