The New Neighbor

I just discovered that one of my next-door-neighbors got married and moved out. I knew they had a new housemate over there because she came in to the coffee shop and introduced herself to me (unfortunately, her name is Kate, so whenever I talk to or about her, I can’t bring myself to say her name without an involuntary shudder). I thought the housemate was brought in to cover bills that had developed after the last girl moved out over the summer.

I came home from work one Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago with a fierce migraine. Like a dry-heaving, have-to-lay-down, thinking-I’m-going-to-die kind of migraine. Apparently the girls next door were having a bachelorette party, which I didn’t know until I’d woken up from a nap and had a post-migraine hangover a few hours later. One of the girls apologized for all the noise (and there was a lot of screaming and cackling and shrieking which led me to pound on the floors and slam doors out of anger because my head was hurting so bad) as they were heading out to the bars. No doubt covering the bachelorette in toilet paper and wielding giant inflatable penises (penii?). It wasn’t until a couple of days ago that I discovered the young lady was Sarah, one of the girls on the other side of our double.

Of course, she hasn’t come back yet to clean out the garage, get her and her now-husband’s bikes, or clean up any of the crap she left around the fence, but hooray for her, making it legal or whatever.

The new roommate seems to be some sort of hippie nurse. She never wears coats (I did once see her in a hoodie sweatshirt), or real shoes. Every time I see her, she’s flying out the door with a pair of flip-flops and a tank top on into the snow or rain. I finally saw her in scrubs, so I can only assume she does something for, with, or as a doctor. Her dread-locked boyfriend (?) also sits on the porch and smokes pot. I discovered this one evening when I was on my side of the porch, sniffing loudly and asking myself what that smell was. I didn’t see him at first, and when he realized I was there, he got a little freaked out. Which he should. Who the hell just sits on a porch and gets high? Maybe I’m getting old. I don’t know.

I’m kind of curious what’s going to happen during the course of our last year on this lease – will there be more and more girls? Will one leave and be replaced every 6 months? We have no immediate plans to move out (and I just determined that my “official” graduation date, if all goes as planned, should be after the next fall semester – as in 2009), although Charlie’s dad has asked us if we would be willing to rent a house from him, if he bought a home in the area to write off as in investment. I can’t imagine something like that really happening, the logistics, or the negatives of a family-landlord type situation. But if it does, I’m all for being able to do whatever the hell I want to the house and fill it with dogs.

Update: I forgot to mention that Charlie’s boss did, in fact, put in a two week notice. Charlie was promoted to general manager of the nightclub. Depending upon how long he’s willing to stay there, buying our own home in a year or two doesn’t seem so far-fetched anymore.


One thought on “The New Neighbor

  1. Well, congrats to Charlie on the promotion. Hope everything goes well with that, I really do. At least Charlie’s smarter than the others that have fallen prey to that potential nightmare. He should be able to keep his head above water.

    Hey, I know this is the least of your worries right now, but has that W-2 come in yet? Just wondering is all.

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