My Kind of Reality Show

I’ll be the first to admit that I get sucked into some really, really stupid shows. Charlie and I watched Joe Millionaire because a girl he went out on a date with — once — was a contestant. We also watched some of Temptation Island at one point. We were addicted (ha, ha) to Celebrity Rehab and most of the Celebrity Fit Club seasons. I, of course, went out of my way to watch Project Runway, but that’s different.That’s quality.

And another quality one – a new dating show on Logo that I absolutely love: Transamerican Love Story. A bachelorette named Calpernia Addams has eight different guys staying at a house while she goes through and dates them all, and, of course, kicks one off each night. But what I love about this show is that Calpernia is a post-op transgender woman. One of the bachelors, Jim, is a transgender man. I knew it right away, but Charlie didn’t believe me. I also knew Calpernia’s BFF Andrea was trans, but mostly because I know who she is from her activism. What I didn’t know was that Calpernia is a decorated war veteran from the Persian Gulf, and that her Army boyfriend was murdered by other soldiers who did not approve of their relationship. How terrible.

That’s all beside the point right now and just sort of depresses me. I just love the fact that so many straight dudes are willing to go on the show and date her. I love it and I’m sad that it isn’t going to be on again until April sometime.


One thought on “My Kind of Reality Show

  1. Speaking of transgender stories, I’m sure you’ve heard about the guy who is pregnant, right? He was born a woman, decided to keep his ovaries post op and since his wife can’t have babies of her own, he is going to have their child. Wierd and fascinating.

    Although it does seem odd that someone who wanted to be a man also wants that rather quintessential female experience.

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