Update on the Update

The physical was this morning. Lots of knocking around of my elbows and knees, another weigh-in (ugh), some more medical history . . .

Two changes, though: I start medication this Tuesday rather than the 1st of April, and they decided it was okay for me to seek counseling. I don’t know why, and I don’t really care. I have an appointment Tuesday afternoon (after class) to get my meds, then another Wednesday morning to see the counselor. Thursday afternoon I have an editing exam, sometime during the week I have to take my psych exam on campus, plus I had to speak with my manager Sarah about all of these changes, including what days I can now work so that I can continue seeing all of these myriad doctors. Cripes!

I  have stayed more than busy this Spring Break, though. I find that keeping busy tends to fight off depression, but it also tends to increase anxiety. It’s a cycle. Among all of the various appointments, getting with and talking to people, scheduling things, attempting to work out a schedule with Sarah that includes my summer class, I realized I still have the two midterms next week (oh, yeah! I’m still in school). Whoops.

What I really wanted to do was go to the opening on the new IKEA in West Chester, Ohio, and I read on their web site that they were giving away tons of shit. But I know there were probably thousands of weirdos lined up at five in the morning. We did drive down to Bloomington yesterday for lunch and wandering. The dogs went to daycare, which ended up being ridiculously expensive. One of the things we wanted to do this week is take a road trip, but plans quickly fizzled as we watched gas prices reach an all-time high.  Luckily, we get good mileage on the Matrix and I still have half a tank. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to organize all these weekly appointments in conjunction with my classes as much as I’d like to, to avoid all the extra driving. Oh, well. I did my best.


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