Feminist Tirade

I’ve kind of stayed out of the whole political discussion until today, because I don’t consider myself qualified. I also have a quite liberal and unpopular opinion, so I didn’t want to invite a lot of criticism.

But for some reason, I’m finally just pissed off. I saw a clip on the news of Obama dissing Clinton, saying “Why would the person in the number two spot be asking the person in the number one spot to run with her?” He said he has more votes, more delegates, more support, so she can go suck it, basically. His camp claims that the only reason she’s asking now is because she’s worried he’ll beat her. Maybe this is true, but Obama goes on to whine, “If I’m not ready, why would you be asking me to run as vice president?”

I don’t know. Maybe because you’re not really qualified to be president?

Then he said “You’re being hoodwinked.” Had he continued, “Bamboozled! Led astray! Run amok!” I would not have been surprised. This comment really enraged me. Who does he think he is? Malcolm Effing X? When Obama first started talking about running months ago, black delegates and congresspeople were pissed because, they said, “he isn’t black; he’s African,” hence, he could not really understand what it was like to be a black American and could not claim to represent them. I didn’t necessarily agree with that statement, but I’m white, so it wouldn’t make sense for me to have an opinion about it.

I’ve also heard that women between 18-29 are voting for Obama by a landslide. At thirty years old, however, the female vote goes almost exclusively to Clinton. Maybe most of us older women aren’t swooning at Obama’s feet and fainting at his rallies because we have an idea that he’s a) not as experienced as Clinton b) can’t probably get as much done as she can and c) we have a longer attention span, not having grown up with constant video games, the Internet, and MTV, so we’ll still be there, and registered, to vote in eight months when you young whipper snappers get bored and forget all about it.

Regardless of where the votes are going [and I know I’m going to be crucified for this by someone], I believe the 150-odd-million women in the U.S. owe it to themselves, their mothers, their sisters, their daughters to vote for and support the first female in the history of this country with a real shot at becoming president. I am more than tired of hearing the disclaimer “whether you like her or not,” and people hemming and hawing about whether or not to “like” her. Who gives a shit if you like her? How has this ever been an issue when it comes to voting for men? Essentially, this country appears to be much more sexist than it is racist, since everyone seems to be so won over by a guy who’s spent 2 years in Congress as opposed to a woman who survived Yale in the seventies. I won’t go in to her all her qualifications, but there are some on the ol’ Wikipedia if you’re so inclined.

Strictly by being male, you are guaranteed access. Period. Black, white, straight, gay, purple, pink, Democrat, Republican, Christian, Jewish. There is a certain power associated with being a man. Don’t get me wrong, though; minority males experience significantly more discrimination than your average 35-year-old straight white dude. But I think it’s easier to get things done when you have a penis. Clearly evidenced by all this “but she’s a bitch,” and “who wants to see a woman age in front of the whole country like that?” talk. It’s pathetic.

This has probably been one of the least-thought-out posts I’ve ever made because I’m really ticked at Obama and my fellow females right now. NBC has removed all the YouTube videos of the Tina Fey SNL skit, but you can view it here: Bitch is the New Black on FunnyOrDie.com


7 thoughts on “Feminist Tirade

  1. I just think it’s funny that Hillary says Obama isn’t qualified or ready to be president, but then thinks he should be vice president… who’s only job is to be qualified and ready to be president.

  2. Cavan – I know, but I don’t think the offer was sincere. The Clinton campaign knew he would say no. I think it was a ploy to swing certain voters her way.

  3. :::stands in applause:::

    I heard him say that yesterday, and it really pissed me off. Even if I wasn’t going the other way on my vote, I still think what he said was tacky and immature. He is getting way to big for his britches, that is for sure.

    I agree wholeheartily with everything you have written-these are the words I have been trying to say for weeks.

    Go Clinton!

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