A Second Opinion

While the woman I saw at the psychiatric clinic Tuesday was a medical doctor, and while the woman I saw Wednesday morning at the CAPS office at school isn’t fully licensed yet, I think I like what the second one had to say better.

She didn’t really go for the whole OCD or bipolar thing because the experiences I had when I was younger that could be called “manic” could be attributed just as easily to the sheer volume of caffeine I consumed at the time. The habits I have of organizing things don’t affect my daily life in a negative way, and I don’t freak out if I can’t do them. Like when I line stuff up on the belt at the grocery store. I’m trying to make it easier for whoever is bagging and, yes, I do like things to be tidy. If they’re not, I’m not having a fit in the middle of the store, though.

I’m glad I’m finally getting the ball rolling. I don’t know what to expect. But that’s okay. I did kind of leave yesterday morning feeling a little emotional because there were a lot of questions and, of course, some of them had to do with prior events that could be considered “traumatic” that I may joke about, but aren’t really funny.

In other news, a quick note to the young ladies on campus: Pick up your goddamn feet when you walk!


One thought on “A Second Opinion

  1. Oh my, to me those psychiatric diagnoses seem so ridiculous at times. There may be a sense in categorizing behaviours of people with brain damage or someone who is being hazardous to himself or other people…
    I was worried about the behaviour of an acquaintance and researched some psychiatric disorders on wikipedia. All those definitions are nice to play with but you could literally apply them to anyone in on or another time of their life.
    Why do you actually deal with this issues?
    I’ll read the previous article…

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