The End is in Sight

I got a notification that I can view my registration appointment for summer and fall of this year. So I broke out the ol’ beat up advising guide I’ve been using for for what feels like decades to see what I needed to take. To my excitement and dismay (we’ll get to that part) I discovered I have exactly 10 courses left to take before I graduate. My plans at this point are to take four, three, and three classes per semester (or, four, four, two…whatever) before graduating, which would — at this point — be December of next year.

Now, I could pull a Cavan, taking as many courses as I can to graduate in a year, walking with everyone else, or even taking summer classes both in ’08 and ’09. But after a couple of calculations, I realize I just can’t afford it. And I could only do that if the requirements I have yet to fulfill were actually offered in the summer, which, upon a brief survey of the schedule, are not.

My dismay is due in part to both the length of time I still have left (since I can’t afford to take more than 4 classes at a time), and to how close the end actually is. I realize that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I’m worried about powering through, but even after all these years, I’m nervous at the prospect of actually, finally, definitively having that degree.

Then what?

Speaking of worry, my appointment is tomorrow morning for the anxiety study. Or, rather, it is now. I received a call from one of the schedulers this morning, asking why I’d missed my appointment. What the hell? Turns out, the girl who interviewed me over the phone set my appointment for Tuesday, March 3rd.  All I heard was “Tuesday,” which is what I put down on my dry-erase board, and I was upset to hear that they thought I’d missed my appointment. I’m not an appointment-misser. I’m chronically early.
Luckily, there was an opening at the same time tomorrow. Had I bothered to look at the dates, I would have noticed the 3rd was not a Tuesday, but I didn’t. And now I’m sort of wishing I’d double-checked and been able to go this morning because we’re in another one of those oh-my-god-it’s-winter-everybody-panic modes. Supposedly, there’s going to be an ice storm.

Oh, god. Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “The End is in Sight

  1. You’ll be fine.

    I know what you mean about the now what factor. I got increasingly nervous as I got ready to exit college. I had a workable degree and all, but there was a lot of stress in finding a job. It’s scary sometimes, even when you aren’t fresh faced and 22.

  2. Pull a Cavan? Hey, you just have more patience than I do.

    Hope the appointment went well.

    You know what I mean — I just don’t have it in me to take 19 credits at once and still survive it.

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