In Case You Didn’t Know

etsy.jpgI have gotten a lot of compliments on my octopus necklace that Charlie got me for Christmas (which didn’t actually arrive until January 4th or something) and I always send people to I had to send a direct link to Charlie that said “This is what I want,” so he didn’t get me some other necklace with a cephalopod on it that I hated but couldn’t tell him I hated it. I realized I should recommend it here, just in case any of you haven’t heard of this great site.

Essentially it’s an online shop for anything and everything handmade. Just like eBay or Amazon, you can register to sell your wares. The only thing that’s different is that Etsy sellers (for the most part; there are some exceptions) make all of their own goods. Ties, earrings, necklaces, soap, shampoo, socks, crochet, embroidery, paint, photography, you name it.

I’ve seen some really outstanding handbags that I wish I knew how to make, and wallets, which I definitely cannot make as I just sewed my first zipper two days ago and it was a sad mess . . . and some crappily-enough-made ones that make me think perhaps I could get away with asking ten bucks for one of my totes. Now, Shae, I’m thinking of you when I say some people I know could sell the stuff they make on there. And, Mel, if you were so inclined to knit another sweater?

I got Charlie an octopus tie for our anniversary (we’re both really into the octopi/octopuses right now) and the girl who makes it even cuts the fabric for the tie!

I also found a keychain and some art that I really like, all about robots in love and doing people-like things, but in a really cute robot-y way.

I was just thinking I would be doing all of you – and the wonderful crafters on the site – a terrible disservice if I didn’t let you in on it.


3 thoughts on “In Case You Didn’t Know

  1. I adore Etsy. Vanessa got this for Christmas:

    And we both loved it so much that I have something I’m considering commissioning from this woman.

    I’m also completely in love with the bath products from this shop:

    Those went over really well this holiday season. I love seeing what other people are attracted to on Etsy. Those ties are great. Eric would LOVE a skeleton tie.

    I probably won’t ever sell any knitting there, though, b/c knitting takes me so long that no one would ever buy anything for what I’d have to charge to make it worthwhile.

  2. Etsy is awesome! I got the baby a couple of onesies from there and they were so darling. It broke my heart when he was too big for them. One was a hand drawn cartoony looking monkey that said “Cheeky Monkey” and the other was a four square design of sock monkeys with a matching sock monkey cap. Quite possibly the cutest things ever!

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