everyone at the stitching beeThe stitchin’ bee was a success. Everyone came, saw, learned, made something, and took it home happily. Sarah was a no-show but I’m thinking she had to work from 6 in the morning until 4 this afternoon, so she probably went home and crashed. She also has a doggie who was home alone all day, so I don’t mind if she didn’t feel like doing much more than putting up her feet.

Liz had the idea of getting together once a month to do something similar. Annie and Katie would like to learn to sew, so it might be fun to put a couple of machines on one table and show people how to thread them, sew a stitch.

From left to right, it’s Annie, me, Leticia, Katie, Audrey, and Liz. Of course Liz’s sparrow is totally awesome. I put a rocket ship on my apron and added some stars after everyone left and Charlie watched the footballs.

Yay for doing stuff!


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