Stitchin’ Bee

stitchin_bee.jpgTomorrow is the embroidery party I’ve been planning for . . . well, I guess just a couple of days. It wasn’t official until Annie told me on Wednesday that tomorrow was good for her, and Sarah said “As long as the Colts aren’t in the playoffs.” It’s been on my mind for a couple of weeks, though, since I first saw that embroidering hipster Jenny Hart has a stitching kit for five people. As much as I’d like to support her it was a lot cheaper to just buy a few rings, some needles, and use the thread, scissors, and transfers I already have.

I find that a lot of “crafty” activities are either a little too down-on-the-farm for me (scrapbooking, gift-wrapping, puffy-painting kittens onto sweatshirts, anything involving glue guns), but a lot are also impossible for me to figure out (knitting, crochet, reading a pattern for sewing). This explains why, thus far, the extent of my sewing has not broadened beyond the “square” or “rectangular” gift or craft item. Pillows, handbags, totes … all fit nicely into my rather limited set of sewing skills. But embroidery is something very different that can also be combined with other gifts (I’d intended on embroidering Lucy’s name on to the dog bed I made for her two Christmases ago but did not understand that a hoop and a pattern would have made it legible). It’s something almost anyone can do, and almost anyone can feel good about making. Assuming “anyone” is an aging hipster who likes to sit around and watch “Flight of the Conchords” on DVD whilst keeping her hands busy.

In which case all the gals can learn a fun and funky skill and have something to show for it by the time they leave. Each of the little paper bags in the photo above has a needle, some thread, and a pattern in it for each person coming. When they go, each person can also take an embroidery hoop and whatever other threads she’d like.

I ended up inviting all the girls from work since word travels fast and I couldn’t get away with just asking a couple of people. (In fact, I think John was a little jealous this afternoon when Leticia mentioned the get-together and he was like, “Oh, I wasn’t invited?”) I wasn’t trying to be sexist by only inviting women. Of course, this many people makes logistics rather complicated as only a couple of them know how to sew a stitch. I was thinking I might pair some people off with those who know a little bit and we can each work with a couple of people, showing them how to place the transfers, thread the needle, make a few different kinds of stitches, whatever.

I made a Target run today to pick up some crackers and a knit cap for my freezing little head. While I was there I found some really cute plates, napkins, and party favor bags. I probably stood in the aisle for five minutes, debating whether or not I should actually purchase disposable plates and napkins, but they were soooo cute. Plus, there are only eight in each package which is perfect for the people who will be here: Annie, Audrey, Katie, Leticia, Liz, and Sarah. Plus me and Charlie. He’s not learning how to embroider but he will be coming home from the gym to partake of snacks.

I know for a fact that I spent more on food and drinks than I did on supplies for the sewing. I wanted to have a good spread, but this is also why I don’t have people over that often; I go overboard. I tried to limit myself, just getting fruit, brie and havarti (I like the latter, most people like the former) crackers, veggies, and dip. But then I found myself thinking how much I love olives and you can’t very well have a veggie spread with no olives! Then I thought how other people may drink soda and it wouldn’t be very nice of me not to have soda, just because I don’t drink it. I almost ended up making spinach and artichoke dip, hummus, and some sort of meat product for the couple of carnivores I know, but I stopped myself.

It’s been a few weeks now since I last had a Sprite or orange drink or regular root beer. I found this organic root beer made with cane sugar at Sunflower Market but it’s just not the same. I’m wondering when the incredible-weight-loss-from-not-drinking-soda is going to start. ‘Cause it sure as hell wasn’t happening yesterday as I tried to fit into my Little Black Dress and found myself stumbling around the room with the tightest part of the dress trapped around the widest part of my body. There was much foot-stomping, grunting, sweating, and some squealing until I finally swallowed my pride and walked downstairs to whine at Charlie to help me get out. I’d had the bright idea to zip the dress up halfway before pulling it over my head, which was a bad, bad idea. Luckily for him, Charlie did not laugh, or he might have found himself torn limb from limb. As soon as I was able to get out of the dress, that is.


2 thoughts on “Stitchin’ Bee

  1. HAHA!- You and my husband should be party planners together. If I want to put out a small veg tray and maybe some cheese just for my parents coming over, he goes the other way. It’s all so fancy. I tease him relentlessly, but I adore him for it.

    Have a good time with your party! Can’t wait to hear about it tonight/tomorrow. (hint-hint) 🙂

  2. I have never tried embroidery, but I do cross-stitch like a fiend. I actually think it is somewhat soothing. I don’t do that stamped crap, but like to embellish the patterns in books. I haven’t gotten too creative…most of my stuff has been on towels, pillows, bibs, pictures, ornaments, but it keeps my hands busy and makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something while I do watch movies I’ve seen 100 times already or entire series on DVD. Plus I have something cute to give for Christmas presents.

    As for the party thing, I do the exact same thing. I always end up with tons of leftover party treats. Especially soda. We only drink diet (and I drink mostly water), but I always think my friends will want real soda, so I buy it and then have nearly an entire bottle left over that I try to foist off on my husband because throwing away food (or drink) just seems too decadent to me.

    Good luck with the diet. It’s actually amazing how cutting out regular soda does make a difference. Give it a week or two. My friend Danielle has lost 14 pounds so far and she attributes most of it to skipping desserts and getting rid of soda.

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