More of the Same

I had this guy respond to our CraigsList ad for the coffee table and asked “Would you be willing to take $75 for it?” I said sure, because in the ad I’d stated “We’ll consider reasonable offers if you come and pick it up as soon as possible.”

I thought that was reasonable. Then he writes me back to say he’s got to “go home and get [his] finances in order” before he calls us to set up a pick-up time.

What the hell does that mean? If you don’t have the seventy-five bucks, why are you offering that amount? And, of course, I’d already written the guy, given him our number and said to call whenever, so I can’t very well write back and say “Look, mister . . .” That would be rude. I just don’t like the fact that he made an offer and then made it sound as if he couldn’t afford it. Am I supposed to feel bad?

I also Googled him because his full name and where he works was in the email and I’m nosy like that. I found a comment on a message board that was in response to a well-known local gay rights activist, as well as comments from about ten other people, most of whom I know personally or who have activist blogs that I read.

So now I’m like, well, if this guy is involved in the same stuff I and my friends are, it’s almost like we know each other, by default, so I should cut him a break?

Charlie went to the gym yesterday afternoon and I utilized my time after work by listening to the online course’s pre-recorded lectures. It’s really like being in class. Every week, you should listen to two lectures, which amount to a bit over an hour each, take notes, and read the text. At first I was concerned about the amount of work we have to do on our own to be prepared for the exams, but now that I think about it, it’s really like taking any other course. I just don’t have to go to campus. No more stupid discussion board questions that I have to do with every other online class. No ridiculous forums or course journals to post. No bantering with other students on a messagey-chat thing where I have to pretend like I give a shit what they have to say. So that’s nice, not having to do that.

In other news I’m planning an embroidering party for a few of the girls at work. Most of them are pretty artsy to begin with, but considering I can’t sketch, draw, or paint to save my own life, I like having concrete things to work with that display my ability to follow lines in a somewhat efficient manner. I might as well just get a box of crayons and some coloring books.

On another note, Jelly Guy seems to be effectively satisfied with his own personal grape jam squeezey bottle. Unfortunately, he has an even more obnoxious friend who comes in once in a while for chess on Saturdays. This morning the guy stood at the register and took a full two minutes to ask if we have any “tart muffins.” He was like “Do you guys have . . . Um . . . do you . . . would you say you have any, you know, muffins . . . muffins that you’d consider, you know, tart?” Audrey said yes, cranberry orange. He got one, took it to his table, then came back and picked up his mug of coffee. He then heaved a huge sigh, turning back toward us to say “Cream? SUGAR?!” It’s difficult to express to you the annoyance in his voice, or the exact way he said it. Suffice it to say he was considerably put-out by the fact that he didn’t know what in the hell us people did with our cream and sugar and we were surely hiding it from him to be difficult because coffee shops and the assholes who work in them are just that way.

I know for a fact this guy has been in the store since we remodeled, and it’s not like we moved the condiment stand on him yesterday, or while he wasn’t looking.

Cable has officially been canceled. We have a (an?) HD tuner to pick up local stations in high-def, but it just looks like a new-fangled version of the rabbit ears you’d have on your TV as a kid. Between the high speed internet, iPhones, Mac laptops, LCD screen television, 50-year-old furniture, me sitting around listening to Nina Simone while I embroider, and the TV antenna, we’re stuck somewhere between 1940 and 2015.


One thought on “More of the Same

  1. Craiglist really brings out the cheapskates. I was selling an extra ticket the Seattle test run of Young Frankenstein. This woman calls me and says she wants the ticket. I was asking for face value, but because I went to the box office to buy it, it was slightly cheaper than Ticket Bastard. Can she call me back in 5 minutes; don’t sell it to anyone else she says. Well 5 minutes later she called to tell me she looked online and tickets are still for sale. I said what’s your point. She wanted to pay less than what I paid for it. I told her, I’ll sell it at the theatre if I have to to a scalper (at least that’s their profession) rather than sell to a cheapskate. Anyway, the show sold did end up selling out and I was able to get full price. It’s definitely a pet peeve though.

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