Tiny Updatey

The holidays were . . . well, they were okay. Both my parents are starting new jobs so I’m a little stressed out about that. I didn’t receive my loan refund before the holidays so I had to count on Charlie and the pittance I made at the coffeeshop to stretch. We didn’t do much yesterday, Christmas, which was okay with me since I wasn’t feeling all that well. More on that in a minute.

We did the usual Christmas Eve gathering with my dad’s family at my younger cousin’s house. She’s closest in age to me, but she’s only 25. The rest range from 14-24. It’s kind of weird not having any kids around anymore. It seems like everyone grew up very suddenly when I wasn’t looking. I guess it’s kind of up to her to pop one out, though, since it appears it won’t be happening for me or my 35-year-old sister who no one has spoken to since 1999.

My cousin’s house is brand new, one of those new subdivisions in the middle of nowhere, and most of the space was in the basement they’re finishing, so it felt a little cramped. A couple of family members had been ill and I’m pretty sure I caught something in the tight quarters. Last night I crashed out on the couch early with a dry, itchy throat, and I’ve had a cough today. I’m not looking forward to the next three mornings when I have to open and work until one in the afternoon. But I gotta make up those lost hours somehow.

Charlie thinks we should host a family function some time. In fact, he wants to do Christmas Eve at our place next year. The very thought of it sends me in to a mild, sweaty panic. I can already visualize myself up until three in the morning, scrubbing the floors with my bare hands. I would want to change all of my furniture around and vacuum the dogs. I don’t even know what we would do with the dogs. I can’t cook a turkey and I would never touch a ham. I told Charlie we could do it, but only on the condition that I’m allowed to buy all new everything and I would serve only appetizers. So it probably won’t happen.

Santa brought us lots of goodies. I got the first two seasons of Futurama on DVD and a couple of sewing books from my grandma. One of them was an embroidery kit and I already embroidered four things last night; two tea towels and two napkins. One towel will be a gift for my mom – I stitched on a sparrow with a banner in its mouth, with the name “Jack” on the banner. She’s a huuuuuuuge Johnny Depp fan and absolutely loves the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I also did some cherries on a napkin, just to test it out. It isn’t too bad for being my first try . . .
Embroidered tea towel and napkin


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