Grade 2 of 3

So I got an A in my history class, which felt pretty good. My second grade was posted this morning – an A- (minus) in my Writing for the Web course. That didn’t surprise me although I’m not thrilled to get anything less than a plain ol’ A in an English course.

I’m still waiting on the instructor to post for my literacy class. I know professors have to submit them  by 5pm today, which means if he waits until the last minute I probably won’t know for the next day or two. I’ve really been sweating them because I didn’t know where I stood in any courses and I really want to bring my GPA up over a 3.5 again. Right now it’s a 3.484 which should be good enough since I’m a junior, but isn’t good enough to apply for a couple of scholarships I would otherwise be eligible for.



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