Up Then Down

I checked my school account to gleefully find one of the three classes I’m worried about had a grade posted: I got an A! I was thrilled as I didn’t know exactly where I stood in the course and my final, big paper wasn’t graded until this weekend.

I then checked my bursar account to see, for sure, when my loan refund would be disbursed. Last week it had said my deposit date was tomorrow, the 18th. Today it’s telling me I won’t get it until the 28th. This sort of blew my Christmas plan for Charlie. We have most of everyone taken care of, but I was really counting on that money to get him something specific that I know he wants and I can’t afford right now. I don’t get paid again until this Friday, which means I’d have to shop for the thing in person at a place I really don’t want to go the weekend before Christmas — the mall.

I also have to pay for a fourth course out of pocket for Spring since I’m taking the remainder of my first-year Spanish through Ivy Tech online. It’s a four-credit course, so that’s about $500 after taxes and “technology fees,” plus I have to buy the textbooks as a bundle. Since it’s an online class I have to have the “online workbook” with a special code to get my grades for quizzes and activities. This set of books is $200.

Education costs are getting ridiculous. It’s almost three grand for a semester at IUPUI (they just raised tuition again), and that’s only for three courses, what with all the “student activity” and “athletic development” and “general” fees they charge. Of course whenever I say something about this, someone always comes back with “Well, you know how much it cost when I went to IU/Purdue/Ball State/Princeton?!?” I know. That’s why I don’t go to those schools. If I took a full load of, say, 15 credits as an incoming freshman, had a job to pay my bills, and received student loans to pay for school, I would probably still owe a few hundred dollars each semester.

In a country where everyone with an IQ above 100 is expected to have a college degree to manage a gas station, I should think our education should be more affordable, if not free. But what am I saying? It’s capitalism at its best!


One thought on “Up Then Down

  1. : ) (Forced smile)

    Yeah, sorry for the emoticon. I’m even embarrassed now. But cheer up, emo kid! Or not, sorry.

    Thanks for the links. Made my day. Got you guys Christmas presents, but you have to wait until June. Oh, shit, I shouldn’t have told you that. I didn’t get you shit. Don’t get me shit.

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