Snowed In

I was hunched over the dining room table putting together a slew of holiday cards while Charlie watched the news before he went to work last night. Every time I glanced up or tuned in all I heard was Winter Storm 2007! The Blizzard of the New Millennium! And dire predictions about 6, 8, 12, and 16 inches of snow. Every person I talked to at work this morning had a different total snowfall to tell me about. Sarah, Audrey and I set up a tally next to the register and discretely made a mark every time someone brought up The Impending Doom. By the time I left at 11am, we were up to fifty. And it wasn’t that busy this morning.

Charlie and I went to the store around four in the afternoon yesterday. I couldn’t believe the amount of traffic and how long it took us to go just a few blocks. He wanted to get some cat litter to weigh down the back of his truck and I needed to pick up some eggs so we could make cookies whilst potentially snowed in over the weekend. Our plans were soon thwarted by the gaggles of hysterical shoppers who were tearing apart the grocery store and making mad dashes around the parking lot. I was barely able to back out of the parking space I’d found as everyone raced in and out of the lot.

We got the litter and just went home.

I walked to work this morning, fully prepared for this horrendous blizzard. I carried my gloves, a hat, snow boots, and made sure to wear pants rather than my usual skirt and tights. I was also prepared for the onslaught of Weather Chatter which is why I hashed out the details of our tally with Audrey and Sarah in advance of any rush. We could only mark Weather Chatter if the customer instigated it. We were allowed to mark the same person twice if they had left once, returned, and brought up the weather again on their own. We couldn’t decide how to address people who talked to each other about the snow, so we started a separate tally just for those.

We’re prepared at home, though. We have a puzzle to work on, fixin’s for cookies, movies to watch, books to read. Charlie went to the grocery after work this morning and picked up the elusive eggs, some orange juice, milk, bread . . . all the things people were making mad dashes for yesterday afternoon. He said the store looked as if a war had been fought over bottled water and bacon and he felt sorry for anyone who had to restock. Pickings were slim, apparently, and he just picked up what he thought we might need.

I don’t think the main concern for us is that we can’t leave if we need to, or that the roads are so terrible that we can’t get out of the house. Although with the freezing rain and ice coming in, I’m not ruling that out. But we like the idea of just holing up for a day or two with hot chocolate and a couple of blankets. Oh, yeah, and the Playstation 3.

My only concern is that the club apparently expects Charlie to work tonight. No one has called to say he should come in earlier, or later, or not at all. Several other people live closer than he does who can open, but no one’s offered to do it yet. I can’t imagine that they’ll be busy at all.


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