Bad Blogger

I know I’ve been really lacking in updating lately, and in updating with any sort of quality (although that’s always been a problem of mine, right? Ha, ha). I’m in the second-to-last week of classes and I’m freaking out. I won’t go into a boring list of what’s due in the next few days. It’s a lot.

Monday night we went to the Inconvenient Truth presentation at The Vogue and it was terrible. I emailed about two hundred people to tell them about it because I was really excited at the prospect of having someone “trained by Al Gore” to give the presentation, plus there was a Q&A session afterwards.

Boy, was I in for a surprise. The presenter was the guy who used to own Galyan’s – the guy who stole ideas from my dad when he interviewed for a position in advertising (you know, “So, tell us some of your ideas,” and they didn’t give him the job but we saw his ideas in commercials soon after that), the guy who recommended people shop at Wal-Mart because they’re “going carbon neutral,” whatever the hell that means. He said this about 15 minutes after saying “carbon neutral” doesn’t really mean anything.

He also talked about his three homes, one in Montana, one in Indiana, one in Ontario. I don’t know if he had any more. Those were just the ones he told us about. He also was a terrible public speaker. He’d put up a slide, stare at it for a few moments, then say “Well, you get the idea,” and move on to the next slide.

His greatest personal achievement is, apparently, that he has “removed 95% of paper waste,” at which point he recommended we all subscribe to a newsletter that would be mailed to us.

So, if you got my email and planned on going, but didn’t, and then felt bad about it – don’t. It was a joke. I honestly think I could have probably done a better job. And I imagine “trained by Al Gore” is a very loose term. Most likely the guy got some sort of CD instructing him on how to give the presentation.


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