Holiday Gifts Truncated


I’m starting to feel the effects of the writers’ strike. I’m sad that I haven’t seen a new Daily Show or Colbert Report in a month. Where will the twenty-something potheads get their news?

I’m sad that The Office fired a hundred people to punish the writers.I am happy, however, that I finished my research paper. And that Michael Vick will be sentenced on the 10th of December. And that Friday the 7th is the Herron print and ceramics sale. I find the fall work is better than spring, if only because the students seem more energized about their work. By May they’re winding down and burnt out. I sent an email to a few people who’d asked me about it in the past. If I didn’t remember you on it, you’re reading it now. So that’s good, right?

I’m trying to make deals with everyone I know — don’t get me anything for the holidays and I’ll reciprocate. We’ll do something cheap and meaningful together another time. I’m broke as a joke this year and I had to negotiate with Charlie on finances. It finally dawned on me that every year we’ve been together I’ve bought the gifts for everyone. Mutual friends, my family, his own family, people whose names he drew in gift swaps . . . When I pointed this out, I was as surprised as he was. We have one joint account out of which bills are paid and our separate accounts that we transfer remainders of paychecks into, so it’s not like all the money is coming out of the same place for gifts. It just seems really odd to me.

My grand idea of making something for everyone has come to a pathetic end. I had two main things I’d planned on making, one of which I have about twenty made (and you probably know what they are if you’ve been reading this for a while or looked at my Flickr account), the other of which I never even started. The first thing you may still get if I can muster up the courage actually show them to people. I’ve recently become aware that I haven’t done one very important thing that you’re supposed to do: line them. So I have all these flimsy, sewn things that won’t withstand a lot of what they’re made to withstand. Whoops.

I’m thinking maybe on holiday break I’ll try to sew the lining in to all of them. Making it look nice . . . that’s another issue.


2 thoughts on “Holiday Gifts Truncated

  1. Don’t get me anything for the holidays and I’ll reciprocate. This includes paying ridiculous fees to send Christmas cards here.

    You shouldn’t give up on making things for people. Your bags and freakish plush-dolls were great.

    And that video of Douille was awesome. As I watched it, I realized I really do miss him the most, with Alvy and Trin tied at a close second (Ranma who?).

  2. I’ve heard more than a few people talk about that for the holidays, let’s just agree to not give anything. Or finally it has been suggested at the in-laws to scale it down a bit or even draw names. It’s craziness. I love making things for people and I’m working on a few items. But for the most part I think we drive ourselves nuts when we really could just get together for a nice dinner with freinds and it would be enough.

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