That Time for Giving Something

So. The inevitable “giving of thanks” post. I have a difficult time being positive in my blog because this is where I come to, as BeetQueen puts it, “deal with the woes of this modern life.” It’s easier to write an amusing account of something like a customer being rude or having a weird encounter with a fellow driver on the road than it is to constantly be full of rainbows and lollipops. I think that’s the uber-masculine side of me; the one who thinks showing emotions other than anger is sort of weak. But as I sat weeping in front of Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style this morning (in my defense they gave the guest-in-need-of-style-help a really thoughtful gift and she was crying so I just started crying) I realized it’s okay to show that side of me here sometimes.

I think, in real life, I’m actually a pretty positive, relatively upbeat person. Some may disagree with this, of course, but that’s just the way it goes. So I’ll just tell you that I’m thankful for the following:

For having a long-term relationship with a person who complements me so well, who is so kind and forgiving and who eats anything I cook. And always pretends it’s really good.
For being able to work part time at a job that I like (most days) and be able to go to school full time, for the ability to know that, in my very near future I’ll finally be able to say I have a formal education and not have anyone say “You didn’t go to college? But you seem smart.”
For having the wherewithal to recognize and remove myself from toxic relationships with people who create negativity and bad feelings in my life.
For recognizing harmful patterns and putting in the effort to stop them.
For my dogs and their never ending love and loyalty and photo opportunities. And the cats. For whatever it is they do besides just lay around and give me dirty looks.
To be able to live in a house where I feel comfortable, at home, and safe.
For having a small, but strong, network of people who I know I can rely on when I really need help.
For living the sort of life where I have things to appreciate, and realizing that I do have it a lot better than a lot of people. So I better keep thanking the hell out of what I have.


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