Intellectual Burnout

In what can only be described as four straight hours of panic, I have completely revised my midterm for my literacy class, revised the expository description of said midterm, written my research proposal, updated the website for my online class, and almost thrown up.

I started the proposal last night, but have been thinking about it for a while. I had the first ten required sources a week ago. Yet I couldn’t bring myself to even start it. It’s a short proposal, and although it has to be in a somewhat formal language, it doesn’t require citing any sources; that’s what the annotated bibliography is for. Which I also have started. If by “started” you mean “opened up a new Word document, edited the headers, and typed in ‘Annotated Bibliography’ at the top.”

I don’t know what my problem has been this semester. College burnout, too much pressure on myself, worrying about the dogs, my dad, my grandparents, and my aunt, laziness, procrastination, boredom. It’s not that I’m not challenged by the material. Maybe it’s that it’s too challenging. But for some reason it’s been harder and harder for me to just sit down and start writing. I had it easy the past few semesters, I guess.

After I do the bibliography, I’ll have to start on the research paper, for which I also have to make some sort of “class poster presentation,” which sounds utterly stupid in my opinion. Then I have to submit my website for the ubiquitous peer reviews, then revise and submit to the instructor my URL. Not to mention the fact that I also have to write a 3-5 expository paper on my process of creating the site. Which consists mostly of “plunking tables into HTML and shoving images and text into the tables.” About the time all of that is due, I’ll have a final paper and final, cumulative, exam in history, the paper part of which has to answer some question about World War I which we haven’t even got to in class yet. Next is presenting my research in class, and a final paper on that is due somewhere around the 12th of December.

The good news is, it will all be over soon. The bad news is I only have a few weeks to do all of it. The really bad news, it’ll be even worse next semester since I’ll be taking somewhere around 15 credits. I will have to get back to the organized, efficient, time-managing Courtney we all know.

The great news is, Project Runway starts tomorrow. I don’t care if I should be ashamed to say that. If gives me hope for an hour of tuning out to brain candy once a week.


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