Minor Updates

I haven’t been up to anything particularly thrilling lately. Status quo. Going to class, going to work, doing homework. In fact, while these past two weeks have been busier than ever, I’ve done absolutely nothing new. This week I had to turn in over twenty pages of papers in just two classes. I now have to come up with a proposal for a website to design for my online class, including having a representative sign a contract with me and send it to my instructor, and getting them to review my work.  I don’t know how that’s going to work out since I have zero ideas.

I laid awake Wednesday night in a cold sweat because I started thinking how my literacy paper was more like an essay and less like a review of literature. I almost got up to email the instructor and ask if I could re-write the whole thing. I got a B+ on my history exam, which was an analysis of some French documents from the 1800s. I felt like I’d done a really good job, but other people in the class scored better than I did. He said I should have referenced Edmund Burke on this one section about Olympe de Gouges and I thought it was clear who I was talking about, but ended up losing a couple of points as a result.

Wednesday is the early registration date for classes, so I’ve also been trying to work out my spring schedule. I may take only three courses at IUPUI and finish my Spanish requirement at Ivy Tech with an online class.
IUPUI is pretty good about promptly reimbursing student loans (unlike Ivy Tech which tells you to expect sometime “after the seventh week of classes” [!!]) so I might be able to move some funds around to pay for the Ivy Tech class, CDs, and books with that. In the past I tried to take a Spanish course online two different times but discovered only after classes started that I would be required to drive to the campus through which it was held to have a fifteen minute oral exam once per week. One semester the class was out of Bloomington, the other was out of South Bend. I’m not driving two or three hours once a week, one way, so I contacted the department head here in Indy to find out if all online classes required these in-person meetings. The people I spoke with were actually really helpful. It’s the first time in several years of dealing with that school that I’ve had prompt, helpful responses that actually answered my questions. They found a class and put me in touch with the instructor, who lives in Arizona, and she was really nice as well.

My schedule isn’t looking all that hot. I can’t find a lot that works together – a majority of the classes I need to take that are offered in January are all on Wednesdays, around noon. And while some linguistics classes are only offered in the fall, some writing courses are only offered in the spring and I have to figure out exactly what I can take and when. Being 300/400-level courses they are usually only held one day a week, and there’s never more than one class per semester.

Trinity has begun chewing on herself again, right down near her tail. We’ve been trying to keep it clean and stop her from messing with it.

Andouille is showing signs of getting sick again. This morning he sat under the dining room table, growling and hissing at himself for no apparent reason. He was cleaning his tail and started making all sorts of weird noises. This is not a good sign, I think.

Alvy was just walking through the dining room and stopped in front of the mirror. He looked at himself a couple of times. I wonder if he knew it was him?

I watched a squirrel cleaning itself this morning on my way for coffee.

My next door neighbor made us some really good cookies as a thank you for taking care of the yard all summer. I thought it was kind of a given since we have the lawnmower and we park in the garage.


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