I Likes What I Likes

I have to create two Web sites for my online class. Nothing fancy; it’s not a course in design, it’s English so I went ahead and tried to download FrontPage from IU’s software site, only to find out, despite its claims to be for a Mac, the first of four parts was an executable file. Oka-aaay. I don’t want to run Windows on my computer, even though it can. And I shouldn’t have to. So I considered using HTML in a text editor then I began to make a mental list of all the reading I have to do for all my classes and I said screw it, downloaded the PC version on the laptop upstairs and said I don’t care if it’s cheating.

I don’t mean it’s cheating in the class, it just seems lazy to use a program like that when you know how to do it otherwise. Call me lazy, then.

Also, you can call me lazy because I tried to access the FTP stuff available for students to utilize their free site and it seemed so convoluted that I gave up on that, too, and just re-registered my old Web site. I know it looks like total hell right now. Who cares? I said I would only put it back up if I had a reason to use it and now I do: creating two sites for class, one of which is like a student portfolio that we can use for grad school or future job applications. That fits into my original plan when I took it down.

I started working out the architecture: what I want to go up and where I want to put it. While I was designing it the thought crossed my mind that I definitely like what I like. It was practically the exact same format as I used to have. An image across the top of the page, another across the bottom, and a corresponding, smaller version of that same image throughout each subcategory and secondary page to create consistency. On the home page, there would be a list of links running in between each graphic, and across the bottom of it on the latter pages. In other words, if I really wanted to I could just use the exact same HTML I have saved from my old Web site. But we’ll see if FrontPage does anything better, first. I think it should be against the law for anyone to scroll down on a home page, but I also hate front pages that “introduce” the visitor into the site. Like when you used to go The Vogue’s site, it was an image that you had to click on the get “into” the site. Ugh.

I am most definitely not as technologically gifted as some people I know. Today we went over to Scott & Jay’s new place to help set up the wireless router. After about thirty minutes of poking around on Scott’s laptop I could not figure out why it wasn’t connecting. His computer recognized a wireless Internet and claimed to be connected but I couldn’t pull anything up. I promised them the router, and I’m pretty sure I promised a wireless connection. The only thing I didn’t think I could pull off was troubleshooting any subsequent WEP encryption-y type stuff. And here all I could do was go “There’s the router. Sorry.”

I’d also wanted to take over Scott’s birthday gifts. They didn’t show up when I expected them, but they were at the house when we pulled up. Great. I need to get some wrapping paper and/or a bag to stuff them in, then figure out when to give them to him. I’ve got class all day tomorrow, I open Thursday, and I work first thing Friday and Saturday mornings, as well. God, I’m going to be tired.


2 thoughts on “I Likes What I Likes

  1. I had this problem with my laptop for a long time and finally figured it out.
    If you open the connection it recognizes, open the properties of the connection.
    Under the ‘general’ tab, click on Internet protocol(tcp/ip).
    Then click the ‘properties’ box.
    Under the ‘general’ tab in this, click ‘select IP address automatically’.
    It may be a different problem, but that’s what I did to fix mine.

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