A Plethora of Gripes

It’s barely even 9:30am and I’m already in a foul mood.

Even though it’s only been a few months, I’m ready to dump AT&T and go back to Brighthouse, which I thought I hated, but I now realize I hate AT&T more. Ever since we signed up for it there have been nothing but problems. Web sites I can’t connect to, pages timing out while I’m trying to take quizzes for an online class, Cavan not being able to sign on to the secure network, the connection getting lost, HD stations not coming in, the DVR not functioning, sound coming in and out on the television . . . With Brighthouse the biggest problem we usually had was waiting forever for someone to show up or their billing, which never makes any sense. AT&T has those problems, too, and much, much more. Plus, it’s costing a lot more than the guy who was going door-to-door encouraging people to sign up made it sound. Once you add in taxes , arbitrary fees, and movie stations, it’s almost thirty bucks more per month than the price we were quoted and about fifty more than Brighthouse.

I’d rather just have a dependable cable modem and Comedy Central so I can watch “The Daily Show” once in a while.

IUPUI’s been having a lot of problems with their site for online courses, so my instructor extended the deadline for our first quiz. I tried to take it three times this morning before I finally gave up. I’m also peeved because on the walk with the dogs this morning they were all over the place. I really try to abide by the Cesar Milan philosophy of living with dogs but I must just not be giving off that calm, assertive energy dogs require to listen.

Then there was a new person (he works at the other store, so he’s only new to us) on the bar this morning when I went in for coffee and – through no fault of his own – he didn’t know the customers’ drinks. Even though it wasn’t all that busy he had a line of drink orders and I couldn’t squeeze in to pull a few shots for my daily americano. I had one chance but couldn’t time my shots, which were set to grind to his preference and they were really long and tasted awful. I ended up getting iced coffee, but they didn’t have any that was cold so I just poured hot coffee into my cup. I don’t really like iced coffee, and it was Sumatra, which I don’t like because it’s a new crop and it tastes like dirt. When it’s hot it’s okay, but for some reason, this roast is really gross when it’s iced.

Tomorrow is Annie’s last day and tonight we’re closing together. We were both happy about that until we discovered one of the new people is going to be training with us. He’s a decent guy, but it would be easier and probably more fun if it was just me and Annie.

Yet another gripe I have is that Cavan’s dad is suggesting he sublet his room. With the whole moving-to-Spain thing, he would be leaving the lease eight months ahead of time. The first time this came up we had to have a “talk” about how we couldn’t afford to pick up the remainder for him right now. With his being wait-listed and then accepted at the very last minute, he asked his dad to cover the remainder. His dad said he would, but only if Cavan found another roommate for us who would pay his dad back. I was horrified when I heard this, trying to imagine how in the hell we’d be able to find someone else in three weeks who we could tolerate, trust, and who didn’t think we were complete freaks.

The thing I told Cavan was, while his dad is right for saying, legally, he needs to sublet his room because he entered into a contract with the landlord, he also entered into a kind of social contract with us. We trust him with the animals, he doesn’t parade girls in and out of the house at all hours of the night, he isn’t having wild parties late at night, and he doesn’t try to decorate the living room with Grateful Dead posters and blacklights.

I can’t imagine the kind of person who would actually want to live with a 32-year old married couple who didn’t already know them, have a bunch of their own pets or their own furniture, and would be willing to do it for only eight months.

So he said he’d talk to his dad and try to negotiate something else. I feel bad that he’s been put in this situation and I don’t want to be a dick about it, but the last thing I want to do right now is put up an ad on CraigsList for a roommate. Finding someone who would respect our requests and who we liked would be nearly impossible. Not to mention the fact that we have two dogs and two cats and they wouldn’t be able to have any of their own pets as a result of our veritable zoo.

Since I’ve just gone on for days about gripes I feel like I should end on a positive note. But I’m not feeling all that positive right now. I feel like just going back to bed and starting over again tomorrow but I have to work this afternoon and I don’t want to be in a bad mood for Annie’s last close.


One thought on “A Plethora of Gripes

  1. I got really annoyed at AT&T too, but mostly because they told us we could get DSL and then after we subscribed said we couldn’t. So we had to use crappy dial up for over a year and a half, only to find out that we can, in fact, get DSL. We get it through earthlink and it’s like $15 a month. The rest of my stuff through them is fine and when my DVR remote was having issues they immediately sent a new one out. I liked On Demand with cable, but I LOVE my DVR. I’m not willing to trade it. I do, understand the hatred toward the phone company though!

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