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For those of you coming across my blog by searching for things about your temporary crown falling out, temporary teeth not staying in, root canal, and facial pain after a root canal, I apparently have not been much help. But I will try because the amount of hits I have gotten for those search terms is really ridiculous.

If the pain is really, really bad, you should call your dentist. Believe me, they have an emergency number and they want you to call. Some throbbing after a root canal is normal for a day or two, maybe longer, but the horrible pain should be over now because the infected root have been removed. Yay! The throbbing was normal for me with the total of three that I’ve had in the past year. It was usually a result of the shots in the muscle and/or nerves in my mouth, and, you know, all that drilling. Excruciating pain, however, is not normal. Try taking a couple of Ibuprofen before the numbness wears off, though. That helps.

If your temporary crown falls out, you should also let your dentist know. They’ll probably fit you in that day to re-place it for free. No biggie! On that note, however, I have only had one stay in for the entire three weeks that it took to have my permanent made and placed. This was because I had enough of my original tooth left to hold a temporary in place. The other two were pretty big root canals and there was not enough tooth left – nor was there another behind the back molars – to make the temporary stay put.

I used a generic drugstore denture cream to put it back in. I broke down and bought the expensive stuff and it worked much better. I grind my teeth at night, so I always had to put the temporary back in the next morning. Make sure you ALWAYS check with your dentist first, though, and keep both the temporary and the area clean. Try not to chew on that side of your mouth at all, if you can help it.

I am not a trained professional, but I have had a ton of dental work done in the past. What has worked for me is Ibuprofen, name brand Fixodent, and stellar oral hygiene after all the work. Root canals suck, but they’re totally necessary. Don’t hesitate to have bad dental pain checked, and please don’t sue me if you do something I suggested here and it didn’t work for you. Take it from the person who was too scared to go to a dentist for 13 years and ended up with about five grand in dental bills. That’s after insurance.


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