Dear Michael Vick: Burn in Hell

If I haven’t addressed the Michael Vick Situation or given you my opinion on it thus far, it’s because, at this point, you should know I’m thoroughly and utterly disgusted, horrified, and appalled. I think that piece of shit deserves more than he will ever get, as do all the people who consider him innocent or dogfighting a normal, fun activity. But if I haven’t addressed it yet, it’s because I worry myself sick about it in day-to-day life and haven’t felt much like articulating my rather wrathful thoughts.
I do have a tendency to over-worry myself when it comes to the sickening treatment human beings inflict on anything defenseless. Sometimes when I’m laying in bed at night I can’t stop my mind from racing. I think yeah, so, they caught Vick, but what about DMX and Big Boi and all the other “celebrities” who get away with this kind of thing? I mean, if someone can openly perpetuate it, then what hope do we have for punishing the average a-hole doing it over on 46th and Carvel? For Christ’s sake, all you have to do is go through the rap section at any music store and start counting the number of CD album art with dudes (and sometimes women like Missy Elliott) standing with thick chains attached to thicker dogs baring their teeth.

One thing that especially frustrates me is that total lack of understanding of these dogs. I can’t believe we all commonly refer to American Staffordshire Terriers (terriers!) as “pit bulls;” a nickname they got from these so-called games people bet on. I do it, too, and both Charlie and I now tell people that Alvy is a black lab/terrier mix. Because he is, and because if you say “pit bull,” people automatically back up and look down at him.

If the world must have the circus and Greyhound and horse racing (three other “sports” where animals are treated horribly in an effort to entertain human beings), the least we can do is focus on eliminating the people who encourage such a brutal and barbaric pasttime as fighting dogs to the death.

Vick needs to burn in hell (and I’m willing to personally send him there if someone will let me at him), and so do all his supporters and those backward idiots who feel important when they overpower another living thing.


9 thoughts on “Dear Michael Vick: Burn in Hell

  1. Dear MissAnthropyI totally empathize with your sentiments about the horrors defenseless creatures suffer on our earth Just know that the CREATOR sees and knows and all this too and will soon take care of these evils. HE SAYS “VENGEANCE IS MINE” ! ANYWAY I GUESS WE WANT TO SEE IT HAPPEN NOW., BUT IT WILL HAPPEN.

  2. I think it’s absolutely dispicable that even with all the overwhelming evidence the NFL and everyone who has ever had anything to do with making money off of him doesn’t make him suffer the same way he’s made those poor dogs suffer. I realize he’s probably going to get supspended for this season and maybe for life, but I want a definite, ya know? I hate the fact that the powers that be didn’t come out after all the evidence just kept pooring in and said, ya know what, we’re done with you. And all the people who are trying to make this into a race issue should be slapped for demeaning the suffering of those poor dogs!

  3. I think we’re mad at Michael Vick because his case is making us all realize we’re hypocrites in this country when it comes to animal issues. We hate Vick for raising dogs for the purpose of sport and brutally killing them. But then, we turn around and pay a farmer to hang a cow by it’s legs and cut its throat (or electrocute it, or hit it over the head with a hammer) wherein the cow painfully bleeds to death so we can eat it, and make $100 shoes out of its skin. Many cultures raise dogs for food, and they are often killed brutally. Do we now hate all of Chinese culture? Do we feel the same anger for fishermen who let fish suffocate in a box or net, or filet fish while they are still alive? We can hate Vick all we want, but we can’t be too mad at him when we want steak on the grill, new leather shoes, or a fish taco. The only “humane” way of killing any animal is putting it to sleep; rendering its meat usless because of the toxins.
    As far as I’m concerned, only true vegans get to be so furious with Michael Vick.

  4. Scott just told me about a story on NPR about dogfighting in the African-American community being very wide-spread. The commentators mentioned that cock-fighting, rodeos, sport-hunting and sport-fishing are all widespread in the “white” world and there’s a lot of hypocrisy in just picking on dog fights when all levels of society have their blood sports.

  5. I could not agree with you more ! In addition, Whoopi Goldberg can go straight to hell. I continue to be amazed at what people can say without getting much of an objection. When asked if she intended to endorse things like the torture and mutilation of dogs Whoopi replied, “For many people, dogs are sport” (and for people like you Whoopi, shit are brains) She also said, “where he comes from in the South, dogfighting isn’t that unusual” Hello Whoopi! violent crime is not unusual in many places either, does that mean it’s ok then as long as you grew up arround it. I am really tired of people allowing bullshit logic like this to go un-checked. I guess you could say that racism is’nt “that unusual” either. Not only do I know that it’s wrong, I also know why. Michael Vick has no excuses.

  6. In response to whomever you are-who claims we are all hypocrites. I feel it is reasonable to assume you do not own a Pit Bull-or any dog for that matter. Anyone who actually tries to stretch as far as to compare what Michael Vick has done to killing a fish-simply doesn’t get it. Nice try with the “then we are all hypocrites”-you seriously can’t claim you live your life according to this philosophy. You, Whoopi, and Michael Vick suck. End of story.

  7. Lets not forget that this waste of life we call Michael Vick was already wrapped up in the “Ron Mexico” scandal. He is worthless and is a perfect example of what happens when you give morons and trash large sums of money just because they throw a ball or catch it well.

  8. Yea Greyhound racing, you forgot to mention zoo’s too which are a terrible place to hold animals. I’m a football fan and I’m discouraged that not one NFL player to my knowledge has come out infuriated at the fact he was allowed back in to the league. I hope he gets tackled good this year.

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