Fabric Lusciousness

purlsohoThe order I made from purlsoho came today and I was ecstatic. I ordered five different fabrics, all but one of which are heavy or upholstery weight. Guess what? Perfect for homemade bags! I only got 1/2 yard of each because a.) I don’t have that much money after purchasing my new camera and, despite all of the bazillions of cheddar Charlie brings home from his seventeen or so jobs, I/we still have bills to pay and b.) I’ve never bought “really nice” fabric before and wanted to be able to get a few different, small batches so I could experiment.

Three of them are Amy Butler designs and all of them I pretty much just want to frame and look at. How the hell does one go about making one’s own fabric? I mean, I can see giving some factory a design and then they mass-manufacture it, but I was under the impression she made it all herself and was having a rather difficult time imagining this woman in Portland or Seattle or New York or wherever she lives, hunched over a loom on a wooden stool with several five-foot-high piles of sheep’s wool sitting next to her.


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