iPost – Almost

So I was going to post from my iPhone at school today because I have an hour and forty-five minute break between classes that just so happens to be right at rush hour so the idea of going home and somehow making it back and finding a parking space in time for my second class doesn’t appear to be too viable an option. But I didn’t post because I discovered I was in the wrong part of the building and I don’t have my 87-character “passphrase” memorized yet so I couldn’t just sign on and download my class schedule. I had to search around to find out which room I was actually supposed to be in.

Other than that and the parking space I found about a mile from the building where both of my classes happen to be, I’m beat, I’m hot as hell, and I want to go to bed. I like both of my professors from today a lot and it appears the more advanced classes, while being much more specific and concentrated, are still a lot more laid back than the courses I’ve taken in the past.

I sat next to a kid in history who could’ve been Cavan’s twin. I sat in front of a girl whose main activity is “clubbing,” (her word), and behind a girl who snickered at absolutely everything every person introducing him or herself said. I eventually started giving her dirty looks because it was pretty rude.

I have to be back in class in less than 12 hours and I’m not 100% sure where the building is. I’ve never had a class in this one, and it’s pretty far from the main cluster of buildings where all of my classes have ever been. I’m a little worried about that and am considering making Charlie take me – just this once – so I know where it is and am on time.

Otherwise, I need to eat – despite the late hour – and organize my crap for tomorrow. Oh, and I took a couple of pictures on campus today to show you but have neither the energy nor the inclination to sync up the iPhone right now. Food is top priority.


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