Dental Xanadu

japanese xanadu posterToday was my last appointment with the dentist until November, when I’m scheduled for another cleaning and check-up. I got there at twenty till 10, they brought me in, popped out the temporary, and placed the permanent. There was some floss, some poking, and I was home by 10:15. It’s exhilarating. I can’t believe it’s all finally over, after all this time (approximately a year and a half). I have healthier teeth and gums and a definite change in my oral hygiene; I floss at least once per day, brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush that has a timer so I know when two minutes is up, use Listerine mouthwash, and still have my extra-flouridated gel that I leave on before bed for about five minutes. I also have a guard that I wear when I sleep to keep me from grinding or clenching my teeth.

My only hope is that I will continue to get cleanings and nothing else. Ever again.

I “slept in” today. I didn’t get up until after 7:30, which, lately, has been unusual for me. The house was really quiet so, after walking the dogs, feeding them, and getting coffee, I turned on the TV. As is my habit, for some reason, I put it on The Today Show, mostly because out of our eight thousand stations, it’s one I have memorized and it’s in HD which means Matt Lauer’s head is practically full-sized.

I know I don’t have to tell you this, but A.M. television is really awful. This show especially as it’s all fluffy pieces about relationships, food, clothes, and decorating. This morning some woman I’ve never seen was asking us “What Type is Your Man?” and I learned that Charlie is somewhere in between “The Thrill Seeker” and “The Rock.” Apparently there are only four “types” of men, which doesn’t bode well for guys who cannot be easily fit into simple social stereotypes. And the Web site’s explanations are even more vague. Like “Just look to Matthew McConaughey’s character in ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.’ ” I’ve never seen that movie and I know nothing about it other than the few ads, so this doesn’t help me.

Also, if I don’t know what type of person Charlie is after almost eight years together, perhaps The Today Show isn’t where I should be looking for answers.

So I started flipping stations and found myself watching, enthralled and somewhat horrified (no offense to any of you who love, love, love it), the last ten minutes of Xanadu. I have never seen this movie. One, because I’m not a fan of Olivia Newton John (she’s okay?). Second, I don’t like seventies music (and I can say this because it was made in 1980, as I later discovered). Lastly, I don’t like many musicals. I do like Julie Andrews, though. I had no idea Gene Kelly was in it, or that it’s a mix of Greek and Chinese mythology and Newton-John plays a muse.

The Wikipedia entry gave me more information than I needed:

Sonny Malone (Michael Beck) is a talented artist who dreams of fame beyond his job, which is painting larger versions of album covers for record-store window advertisements. As the film opens, Sonny is broke and on the verge of giving up his dream. Having quit his day job to try to make a living as a freelance artist, but having failed to make any money at it, Sonny returns to his old job at AirFlo Records. After some humorous run-ins with his imperious boss and nemesis Simpson, he resumes painting record covers.

I feel like my life is somehow more full and empty at the same time, having discovered this information. Like, I’ve gone decades without ever really knowing what this movie is about. And now that I do, I feel sort of dirty.

In other news, we may go to the State Fair tomorrow. We haven’t had much luck thus far. Either I’m working, Charlie’s working, Cavan’s working, or it’s just too farking hot. The weekend is supposed to be much cooler and a lot less humid. So the question one has to ask one’s self is: do I go when I’m so hot I can’t eat without feeling sick, or do I go when everyone and his brother is there? I’ll probably just take the latter because, if it’s too hot to eat, what the hell’s the point?


5 thoughts on “Dental Xanadu

  1. Now I want to see that movie again. I can’t help it, I love it for its absurdity!

    Also, congrats on no more dental work!!!

    Also, in my humble opinion, it’s never too hot to eat.

  2. I’m with Shae, I love the Xanadu. I was seven when I first saw it and I thought Olivia Newton John was the most beautiful person alive.

    When you go to the fair make sure to get the corn balls. They are wonderful and come with the most delightful dipping sauce.


  3. Hey! We’re planning on going to the fair tonight, too. Maybe we’ll see you there. E-mail me or call if you want to meet up.

    Gah– Vanessa wants to eliminate our fried food eating this year. I’m less than happy about it. I guess I can do without a funnel cake, but damn it! I refuse to leave the fair w/out eating a plate of those swirley potato chips– you know, the ones that are just a continuous ribbon of chips cut from one potato?

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