When Did This Happen?

the drawer

Friday night I was getting irritated with the remote because it was lagging. It seems to have gotten worse today, so I went to The Drawer in the kitchen with all the batteries to get a couple AAs. As I opened it, the thought struck me that this is a serious step into Adulthood. I now have a drawer with film, several different types of batteries, electrical and painter’s tape, a box cutter, spare keys, the deadbolts and doorknobs we replaced when we moved in (some of the keys the landlord gave us didn’t work so we just decided to switch everything out), and all of it sits neatly – more or less – in containers with little nooks.

I don’t know how something like this happens to a person. I have a list on the fridge that Charlie and I have made a tradition. Neither of us ever makes New Year’s resolutions, but somewhere around March we both start talking about little things (and sometimes big things) we want to do. Eventually I type it up and put it on the refrigerator to remind us of our goals. Right now, 75% of the list is crossed off. From “Go somewhere new” to “Go to an IKEA” to “Get a new Family Truckster” to “See five movies together.” We went to Chicago and hit IKEA on the way back, bought the Matrix back in April, and have seen three movies together in the past few months. That’s probably not a big deal for most people, but I’ve gotten incredibly picky about theaters in my advanced years. I only want to go at specific times of the day, specific days of the week, and it’s usually when Charlie is at work. He’ll see anything, anytime, anywhere. That’s fine. So I guess the goal, really, is for me to go with him five times this year.

Another goal on the list was “Get better organized.” I marked it off because I spent a lot of my spare time this summer cleaning things out. We got the spare bedroom down to a manageable amount of junk, had the yard sale, took loads to Goodwill, and I got the breakfast nook that’s really more of my office into a more suitable sewing room. Of course, once classes start in a week and a half, it’ll have to transform back into an office so I can use the shelves for my books and folders. I don’t know what I’ll do with the sewing machine. I want to use it, I just need the rather limited space that machine is taking up.

But the whole kitchen junk drawer thing happened a while ago and I don’t know what it says about me. If it were just the one, I’d think “Well, I like to have a junk drawer that’s functional.” But it isn’t just that one. The one right next to it houses a flashlight, odd-and-end gift-wrapping supplies, twist ties, plastic baggies, and Scotch tape. There’s another in the buffet in the dining room that’s devoted to candles – both functional and for smelly goodness. And yet another for the various cords for all our electronic devices: USB plugs for the digital camera and Bluetooth mouse, the chargers for all our cell phones, and so on.

I guess it’s a step in the direction of being better organized. But it also seems like a step in the direction of being a crazy lady who keeps washed-out plastic baggies because she can’t stand to put them in the trash, or hoarding toilet paper and Sweet ‘N’ Low packets.


3 thoughts on “When Did This Happen?

  1. Never in my wildest, and I can have some doozies, did I think I would totally relate to this entry as well as I did.

    The question still sits unanswered..When DID this happen?

    Oh and here is a good one for you. I *am* the the crazy ziplock lady.

    I have the boys bring home the ziplocks I send their juice box and snack in, just so I can use it again.

    There. I admit it.


  2. Hey, it’s not like you’ve photocopied the images of each item, cut them out, and affixed them to the bottom of each little divider-bin thingy, thus designating their places in the world.

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