Cheese and Crackers It’s Hot!

Oh. My. God. I know I’m probably the millionth person in the United States with a blog to complain about the heat today, but here goes.

It’s so hot that when I stepped outside this morning at quarter till seven, the sun hadn’t even fully risen yet and I was sweating immediately. It was like a sauna outside. I put on a sundress sans bra because all a bra does in this weather is stick to my boobs and capture more sweat. It’s so hot the dogs don’t even want to go for a walk, which is highly unusual.

I swear, every summer, it gets hotter here. It’s so humid that the heat index says we feel 107 degrees, yet every dipshit in Meridian Kessler is watering his lawn at noon. The front page of the local paper has mentioned a water shortage every day for weeks and people refuse to listen. I want to go around with notices to post on everyone’s door explaining how wasteful they’re being and that their grass just goes dormant. It’s not dying, people, it’ll pop back up when it rains again! But, of course, around here, it’s a status symbol to have a sparkling emerald yard.

Charlie and I were trying to come up with something to do this afternoon and it was so stifling that we decided to just stay home and watch movies. We went to see “The Bourne Ultimatum” yesterday (it was highly entertaining, as the other two were, and still has a 94% positive rating) since we’re just a couple miles from a theatre and we’d be sitting in the A/C. Originally we’d planned a trip to Bloomington. Lunch at The Trojan Horse, and looking around at some thrift shops for vintage fabric for me (Charlie’s a real trooper sometimes), but with a heat advisory we didn’t want to be driving around, releasing all those pollutants into the air. Same as today. It’s just better to stay at home than aimlessly tool about town.


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