Bookseller Recommendation

I drug my ass down to campus on Friday and scrounged up as many ISBNs as I could find: 9 of the 12 “required” books for my four classes. Today we went to Half Price Books and found not one single book. Turns out they’re selling a lot of textbooks through another Web site, so when they come in the store, they go right out to another warehouse in Ohio. Great.

But then I thought about when I used to work there and how, since it’s a used bookstore, people were always coming in with ISBNs only or partial titles or no authors or no idea of where in the store something would be shelved. We used (once they finally sprung for the Internet there) to search things for people.

Turns out AbeBooks has used bookstores selling seven of the titles I needed. In all, I spent $139 – including shipping – on those books that IUPUI was charging over $375 for. Woot, woot. Of course, they’re all coming from different companies all over the US, so I’ll have to keep a close eye on each purchase to ensure it gets to me on time. I also didn’t go with the highest quality being sold – some are only in “decent” condition, but I don’t really care. I just need to save the money.


One thought on “Bookseller Recommendation

  1. textbooks are such a racket! I used to share books with Chris since we were both English majors or borrow books from friends for my journalism classes. I am so glad I no longer have to do that. Now I just have to buy teaching supplies which aren’t quite as expensive (most days) and can be tax write offs!

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