It’s All Over

I can’t believe Harry Potter is over (that’s not a spoiler, I just mean the series). That’s it. The seventh book. And I finished it in less than 24 hours – that includes sleep and driving out to Jennifer’s for her boyfriend’s birthday for a few hours.

I really tried to slow down my reading, but I was too excited to find out what happens. I won’t give it any reviews until the rest of you have finished it. Suffice it to say I was satisfied. Then again, I don’t have as much invested in the books as other people do. I didn’t have a lot of expectations and I don’t remember details the way other people do. One woman came in with her fresh copy yesterday morning to get coffee and read, and she started picking apart the fifth movie and what inconsistencies she found in it. I didn’t start reading them until the second movie came out and, after a couple of years working at the bookstore with people constantly badgering us for Harry Potter, Harry Potter, I was over it before I got started.

But I have enjoyed them and manage to suspend my usually unsuspendable disbelief for this series. I thought the final two films were coming out in November of next year and July of 2009, but now I’m hearing Book Seven might not be out in theaters until 2010. Who knows.

Speaking of films, I was merrily sewing the lining into a bag I’m making for my friend’s daughter when Charlie shouted back to me that “the original” Ocean’s Eleven was on. I said thanks for letting me know, but I was busy with some handles. A few minutes later I came out and I saw Brad Pitt and Matt Damon on television. I said how odd that two stations were showing both movies. Then I realized Charlie meant “original” as in “the first one he’d seen.”

For shame, Charlie. For shame.


3 thoughts on “It’s All Over

  1. I have not, nor do I ever plan to be a HP fan. SO, if you are just dying to tell someone the ending and finally end my misery of who dies, PLEASE for the love of all things sane…

    Email me.


  2. I love how all the posts start with a promise not to ruin the book or talk about the book or reveal any plots. I truly appreciate that. I was afraid to even go on the internet till I finish the book. I hoped blogs would be safe and they wonderfully have been. I’m 3/4 through. Grrrrr, I wish I was home already so I can finish it. I want so badly to savor the story but my need to find things out on my own is outweighing the urge to savor. I take too long and someone will spoil it. Water cooler, news, casual conversation I walk by. So, I’m reading as fast as I can. I must say it has been engrossing and entertaining.

  3. Charlie called that George Clooney version the “original?” I clutched my pearls and fell onto the floor gasping at that. I’m still not well. Hospital. Now. Make him watch Turner Classic Movies for one night. You know, the channel without CGI. I’m turning blue now. Help. Me.

    They start shooting the next HP movie in September for a Thanksgiving 2008 release. The rumors I’ve heard concern them shooting the next two movies back to back. People keep saying the kids are too old; the same people who watched balding 30 year olds on 90210 and didn’t complain. I think a 20-something can play a 17yo just fine. I’m not worried about the kids, I want Maggie Smith to be able to finish the series.

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