Miss Anthropy and the 749-Page Book

My pre-ordered copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was waiting for me when I got home from work a little after noon. I was beat from being up at five and on my feet all morning, running the bar, but I promptly showered, changed, and cracked it open.

I squeezed in as much reading between then and about four (a couple hundred pages), when we got ready to walk and feed the dogs, then head out to my friend Jennifer’s boyfriend’s 40th birthday party. I saw Julie, and her mom was there. As promised in an entry from several months ago, she did mention the way I dressed when I was in high school, referring to me as “avant garde,” which is what my high school shrink called me, but definitely a step up from “that little girl in ‘Beetlejuice’.” Still, she’s never going to let it go.

Now I’m home, the book is waiting, and you probably won’t be hearing much for a day or two. I intend to polish it off quickly, but will try to slow down and enjoy it. I’m sure all of you have your noses in the same novel. Isn’t it wonderful how one story has the entire world reading?


One thought on “Miss Anthropy and the 749-Page Book

  1. Yep, right there with you girl. I ran to target Saturday night and grabbed my copy. Started reading it before I was even back in the house. About half way as of Sunday night. I wanted to read the entire day away but gardening called. New plants had to be planted, weeds had to be pulled and watering had to occur. Damn what I wouldn’t give for a garden gnome or 20. Or just a magic wand would be nice. Plantus ingroundus!

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