Early ’90s Flashback

loveputer1.jpgIt’s like 1995 at my house where you can’t watch television because, without cable, no stations come in, or get on the Internet without it taking ten minutes to load a page. That’s me above, loving the first desktop I bought brand-new, the first PC I didn’t have to build myself from spare parts I found in the trash. (Okay, that’s an exaggeration.)

I was using the wireless at work yesterday afternoon and this morning, then had to come back to wait for the cable guy to show up (sometime between noon and two) who will most likely be here poking around for three hours while I’m going stir-crazy, desperate to just Get Out of the House.

It started with just the HD channels going in and out, then the sound. Then I couldn’t connect to the wireless so I used the laptop upstairs that’s plugged directly into our massive cable-box-port-hub thingie. Then that stopped working, then the TV all together.

I’d have more things to do to entertain myself if I wasn’t trapped here with none of those things, waiting on AT&T to arrive. I wanted to go to Kinko’s and enlarge some patterns from “The Cute Book” I checked out from the library the other day. I also wanted to go back to the library, I have to do some grocery shopping, and the dogs need a good walking since it stormed all morning and Charlie didn’t have an opportunity to take them out.

Instead, I’m at home, sneaking on to someone else’s unsecured network, just to update. The strongest signal, by the way, is under the frame of the front door. When I go farther into the house, I lose the signal. I’m guessing it might belong to the girls next door. Sorry, ladies! You should secure your network!


3 thoughts on “Early ’90s Flashback

  1. Hurry up AT&T man!

    I guess you don’t have to worry about the chicks next door hacking into your checking account..

    Do we REALLY want to go back to the 90’s?

  2. Ours is secure. It’s something like 34 digits secure. Ask me if we know where the security code is though. Yep, we get a new system and I dont’ know what we are going to do. Sigh…………………….

  3. I am a product of dial up as high speed has not made it to this area and we got Dish thinking we’d get the DHL too. Despite being within feet of an elementary school that has a fast connection and just down the road from a major hospital, we are back in the stone ages. My pages load as fast as a snail who’s smoked a lot of pot. It saddens me and I feel your pain.

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