Up to Lots of Good

Charlie and I had a pretty good weekend. Despite his having to work at the club Friday night, we still went downtown early, had dinner together, and saw the Alison Krauss and Union Station concert at the Lawn at White River. They provided us with chairs, but we brought a blanket so I could lay down. I’d put on sunscreen before leaving but since we sat there for two hours before the show started I had to hide a bit rather than getting fried. I also slathered myself in bug spray and remained blissfully free of mosquito bites. It was such a nice, cool evening. I was thrilled.

It was a great show and the crowd was good, too. The requisite spinning hippies were there on the sides, which I always find amusing, but not in an I’m-making-fun-of-them way, although most people have no issues openly staring and poking each other as they point and laugh. Hey, they’re having a good time.

There were also an unusual amount of Barbie wannabes, mincing around the crowd. If you didn’t already know, Alison Krauss plays fiddle in a bluegrass band and sings. Union Station, the band she plays with, is best known for doing most of the soundtrack to “O, Brother, Where Art Thou?” so all the Little Miss Carmelites and their French manicures seemed a bit out of place. Most of the audience was older, and I heard several people talking about how they don’t really like “country” music, but like bluegrass. My best guess is that the decked-out women’s husbands or boyfriends get box seats for every show and they just went for something to do. Most of them slithered out of their seats in tiny mini-skirts about halfway through. Not their style, I guess.

While we were gone, Cavan stayed with the dogs and ended up fixing the dining room light which has been broken since about two days after we moved in. I bribed him by getting him an omellette (did I spell that right?) and cinnamon toast from Patachou so he’d stick around to let the pooches out and we could ensure a parking space and food more affordable than a four dollar soft pretzel or nine dollar beers.

We also went to see the new Harry Potter movie today after getting Q’doba for breakfast with Cavan. The theater was completely packed with people who found the previews absolutely hilarious. I leaned over and whispered to Charlie at one point “I have to move out of Indiana.” I couldn’t believe how ridiculous some of these new movies are or how hilarious the crowd thought they looked. A Christmas movie where Vince Vaughn plays Santa’s brother who encourages the elves to take time off? Gag. A Disney movie that has cartoon characters traveling into the Real World? Barf.
One preview was for “10,000 B.C.” A woman sitting behind had to explain what the title meant to her daughter. “It means ten thousand years before Christ, but that doesn’t matter because it’s not real and none of it happened.” Nice. I almost turned around to tell her not to lie to her kid.

When we got home we walked the dogs then made a run to the hardware and grocery stores. We replaced all the blinds upstairs and I planted some heather and lavender, plus I priced shelves for the spare room. I’d like to finish the whole room off with them so we can get our plethora of figurines off bookcases.

I felt like we got a lot done but still relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. I imagine how nice it will be when he finally quits that stupid weekend job and we have time together.

On a bad note, I missed a call from work around eight this morning. I slept in for the first time in months and months (past nine!!) and my phone was still on silent from the concert, anyway. Apparently, Matt never showed up and never answered his phone. Worst case scenario, he’d be in jail or the hospital, but apparently came in around eleven (three hours late) saying he never heard his alarm. Annie gave him three write-ups – one verbal, two written – he signed them without argument, and she said the next time he’s even five minutes late he’s fired.

The good news is, at least I didn’t have to go in. I honestly didn’t hear my phone because I was still asleep, and I never thought to check it until after ten.


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