Today was shaping up to be a busy one right about 5:59 am when I got a call from work. Apparently, our trainer who was coming in at six called in sick (more accurately, she’d found herself in a bit of a kerfuffle over the weekend and couldn’t make it to work on time for reasons better left unsaid), and I was scheduled at seven. Of course, I wasn’t anywhere near awake enough to get to the phone. Luckily, Mondays tend to be a bit on the slow side so my manager was cool running the place until I got there.
Unlike most Mondays, however, we did get a bit busy. All the usual suspects came in at the same time for their skinny latte run, all of them were running behind and checking their watches a lot as I banged out the drinks.

I walked myself home a little before noon in sweltering heat that made me – as it does every summer in Indiana – reconsider my choice to live in this state. I was talking to Charlie at the time, trying to coordinate schedules, and reached into my purse for my house keys. They weren’t in my purse. In my rush to get to work this morning I’d left them hanging by the door. Most mornings when I go in at seven, we walk the dogs together, I make a drink for Charlie, and he walks them home. It’s a really nice routine. This morning he was already standing outside waiting for me, and in my concern for my manager being alone, I didn’t even think to grab my keys. Cavan is out of town for a few days, so he wouldn’t have even been there to let me in.

So Charlie had to spend his lunch break driving back to the house to let me in. The icing on the cake is, he keeps his car and house keys separate, and had left his backpack – with aforementioned house keys – at his desk. Thank god he also had the keys to the truck, so I followed him all the way back to work and drove all the way back home. Meanwhile, the poor doggies had been holding their pee. Poor doggies.

When he did get home, we started talking about Our Next Vacation which was originally shaping up to be a doozy. We’d talked about Vegas, New York, Frisco with Liz, Toronto, Seattle, or driving northeast and just seeing where we ended up. At work today, I was looking ahead in the request off calendar and noticed four people taking week-long or longer vacations all through August and September. A couple of them overlap, right on my birthday. Not that I’m opposed to working over my birthday. It’s certainly not a milestone and I generally don’t make Big Plans. But that was shaping up to be the week we went on vacation.

The moral of the story, of course, is to plan ahead better, but in this case we really couldn’t. We were trying to work around my school schedule since Charlie was originally going to leave the desk job to take classes full time. Now he’s thinking about just working for a while, before he decides what he “actually” wants to go back to school for. No biggie; the GI Bill is good for another four or five years. But we also have all of my dental appointments. Timewise, I had to talk him into putting in his two week notice a week early (it wasn’t difficult) so that he can take off the last week of July/first week of August in between jobs. So, to all of you that work with him: he’s putting in his notice this Friday. But he’s been planning it for about two years.

If we don’t end up doing something amazing, it’s okay. If he sits on his ass for seven days playing the PS3, I’m fine with it. I’m not paying four hundred bucks to board the dogs, so we’re going to see if Cavan will be available – for a smaller fee – to walk and feed them and give Trinity her various eye medicines. If not, we may just be in for a few days chilling out.


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