Another Wedding, More Thoughts on Weddings

Tomorrow one of my closest, long-standing friends, Liz, is getting married. As much as I’m not into weddings, this one is kind of a big deal. She’s only the second of my good friends to get married. I don’t include Kate in that, mostly because we’re no longer friends. However, had we not had problems she’d probably never had gone off to that thing with her dad where she met Shrek her husband. If we were still friends today she probably wouldn’t be married. So, you’re welcome. Everyone else is either gay or lesbian and, hence, isn’t “allowed” or cohabitates, if they bother to be monogamous at all.

I never thought Liz would get married. I figured she might settle down at some point with a guy for a long time, but she’s so ambitious and independent that I just couldn’t imagine her compromising enough to work out a long term relationship; she’s done enough of that in the past.

Kyle’s a good guy, but his family sort of sucks. They think Liz is too old for him (there’s a six-and-a-half year difference), and apparently his mother expected him to marry a doctor. Why any woman would want her son to settle down with a woman who’s more educated and wealthier than him, I don’t understand. His family seems pretty traditional – typical Hoosier family. They’re the first generation of their families to even graduate high school, let alone make as much money as they do and live near Geist. I’ve met them a couple of times and I always wonder what it is about themselves that makes them think it’s okay to be snobs.

Liz didn’t really care to have a wedding. Like me, she was surprised when she found herself discussing marriage with her significant other. There are a lot of traditions she would rather not include in the ceremony and reception, but she’s gotten a lot of pressure from Kyle’s family to do these things. I went through the same thing. Wear this color, don’t wear that color. Cut the cake, shove it in each other’s faces. Include the moms, have a candle ceremony (I don’t even know what the hell that is). Have it at a church, don’t have booze. All that shit.

That’s all beside the point. It’s just being that several friends have gotten hitched lately gets me thinking about all that stuff, and, of course, how some people cannot share the same luxuries, which is infuriating. I’m glad Liz is happy and I’m glad Kyle is happy with her. As with any relationship, there are compromises but I’m sorry it has to be that his family doesn’t think she’s good enough. I think they’re lucky to have found one another, but of the two, I consider him the most lucky. Liz is a great gal and one of the only people I’ve ever met that I would trust with my own life.


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