Rated 37th in the World

We just went to the theater and saw “Sicko,” Michael Moore’s new film about the f’d up American health care system. It was gut-wrenching to say the least.

While I admit that I am a fan of his films and the change that they can create (one die-hard Young Republican I knew who happened to be a veteran and injured in the service said she had trouble sleeping at night knowing she’d voted for Bush after seeing Fahrenheit 9/11), I also know that he is a very contentious figure. To be honest, I’m sick of hearing about it. No amount of sappy background music changes the fact that a woman lost her husband because their insurance company refused to pay for his necessary bone marrow transplant. That’s with his younger brother as a willing perfect match. “Experimental procedure” they stamped on his application and he died three weeks later.

The arguments I hear from friends who I wish thought differently are “Oh, he plays on the conservatives’ level,” and “Oh, it’s too bad he acts like that. Michael Moore gets on my nerves,” or “I don’t like him so I won’t see his movies.” Period. That’s it.

I guess I’m just the typical bleeding heart liberal because it doesn’t bother me. I am proud of what he does and I like the fact that someone is out there asking questions and trying to get people fired up about it. I like the fact that he has a fact-checking section of the Web site for people who go “Well, who knows where he got that information from?” I like the fact that, in the movie, he goes to more than one country and talks to more than one person in more than one area of town.

Meanwhile, if all of us got as pissed about the issues he talks about as we should be, perhaps we’d see some change in this country. Not just in health care or the current administration, but in a ton of other things. After socking away as much money as we can lately in the hopes of buying a home in the next few years, I’ve already done a 180. My defecting-to-Canada paperwork still sits in its folder inside my filing cabinet and my stay-here-and-fight will seems to have faded somewhat.


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