An Early Start

I’ve finally made my first I’m-proud-of-my-creation bag. For the past few months I’ve tried making a few and they always end up looking a little like a third grader took a home ec class. And got a C.

I think I’ve got the pillow-making squared away (so to speak), although I could always use a little more practice closing them up. I haven’t quite mastered the invisible stitch. I’m one of those people who wants to immediately know how to do everything, and get everything done in a matter of hours. Complicated projects are not my forte.

So I was trying to find this place in Carmel called the Fabric Warehouse yesterday and wasted a lot of gas, as well as experiencing a lot of guilt as a result of the wasted gas, without ever finding it. I’m not sure if it’s out of business or I just kept missing it. So I decided to hit the JoAnn Fabrics in Castleton which tends to have a much better selection of remainder scraps than the one on the west side.
I checked out the upholstery and interior design section because the fabrics I’ve been working with are too thin to make a sturdy handbag. I found a few affordable remnants that were big enough to work with and the above tote was what I ended up with. I’m really quite happy with it and want to start more right away. I’m hoping to get a really early start on gifts for this Christmas because I’ll need all the time I can get once school starts.

A couple of weeks ago I attempted to use quilt batting to make a bag for my mom with this silky butterfly fabric I found a while ago (it’s classier looking than it sounds). When I saw it I immediately thought of her. I used half the stuff for the bag and half for a pillow. I sent the pillow to her for her birthday this week and figured the matching bag would be a good Christmas present. But, boy, did I screw that up. It was a disaster.

So now I’m committed to using heavier materials and trying to work on making sturdy handles and bottoms. Hopefully I’ll be able to bang out some decent homemade gifts.


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