Stephen Colbert in 2008

Should Stephen Colbert run for President? Probably not. As much as he entertains me, I realize he’s a comedian, not a politician. Still, the idea is amusing. A group called Unity08 has created a Web site to encourage the people to elect an official they deem worthy of running for office. Al Gore, Michael Bloomberg, Michael Moore, Bill Gates, whoever. Back in the good ol’ days the President and Vice President were a Republican and a Democrat, not both members of the same party. I sometimes wonder whatever happened to the checks and balances . . .

The group has three goals:
1. Elect a truly bipartisan Unity Ticket to the White House team in 2008.
2. Make history by nominating the next President and Vice-President through the first ever online, virtual convention.
3. Demand a focus on crucial issues by creating a New American Agenda.

By registering you can become a delegate to nominate someone in their online convention.

In theory, it’s an idea I can get behind, especially (and I’m showing my true, bleeding-heart-liberal colors here) if it means nominating Al Gore or Howard Dean again. But, to quote Lewis Black (and Unity08 does so on their site) “Republicans have nothing but bad ideas and Democrats have no ideas.”

It seems time people did something other take the lesser of available evils.


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