Entertain Me!

There’s this blog I discovered a few months ago that I find entertaining for all the wrong reasons. The author is a woman about my age who seems to alternate between acting like everything is hunky-dory, and the next post would be this morbid, woe-is-me, misery-filled blubber fest where it was clear she was just looking for reassurance from her two friends who always posted in the comments.

Don’t worry, kids, it’s absolutely not any of you that I’m talking about. I don’t even remember how I came across the blog. But one thing that’s irritated me is that she has not updated since last month. It’s been something like three and a half weeks since her last blubber fest and I’m tempted to send her a message like “Come on! This is boring!” Except I don’t want to expose myself, nor do I actually want to encourage her behavior.

So I’m trying to figure out the point. Why would you start a blog, gush about how many views your page is getting (“Five today already!”), then just completely stop posting? I noticed that no one has posted in her comments in a half dozen or so entries, so my best guess is that she isn’t getting the affirmation she wants, so she’s just stopped writing all together. Which is too bad; she was making me feel a lot better about myself.


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