Dot Com Goodbye

I went down to the free version on my Web site, where you have to look at fifty different ads and there are pop-up windows for about five minutes before I decided to just delete everything. I’ve got all the html files and images saved on a hard drive, so it’s not like it’s gone forever or that I can’t put it back up if I want to. And although there wasn’t much of substance on that site, I felt a little sad when I pushed the “delete all files” confirmation button the final time.

In a way, though, I’m glad. I want to get a fresh start. If I decide to put up a site for any reason, I’d like it to be different. When I’m taking photos more often, or there are things I’ve written that I’d like to share, or if I decide I want a really pithy blog, or if I need a job and want to post my resume somewhere . . . I’ll put something back up. The overall financial “savings” aren’t that great, but I just don’t feel like doing anything with the site right now.

For now, I’ll just hope there isn’t another Courtney Wertz out there who registers the domain. I only know of one, and she lives somewhere in Oregon. I think she has, like, five kids, so I doubt she has the time or inclination to mess with it.


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