It's a Teeny Tiny Miniscule World, After All

So I just discovered a weird coincidence. My friend is having a party next month and sent out the invitations through Evite. I was checking out the e-vite when I noticed someone was listed as “not yet replied” who has the same last name as myself. As you may or may not know, it’s not a very common name in the U.S., so my curiosity was piqued. Plus, the person’s first name started with a “P.”

I have a cousin named Peter who is about ten years younger than I am. He went to college in the same town as my friend’s boyfriend who is, by the way, a bit younger than she is. Quite a bit. Like, Peter’s age. Not judging, just stating. My friend Liz is 30 and getting married in July to a young man who won’t be 24 until August 1st. Age isn’t the point so much as it is the fact that my former co-worker dates a young man who knows my cousin from college and we’re both invited to the same party.

Indianapolis is a really small town.


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