Fertell or Not Fertell?

So I was watching The Colbert Report this afternoon and he mentioned this product called Fertell that’s being sold for the first time in the U.S. Apparently it’s been big in the UK and Ireland. It measures the amount of FSH in a woman’s urine on the third day of her period, and it “challenges” the sperm in an obstacle course to determine how many of a man’s little swimmers are actually swimming. I was thinking about telling Charlie about it because I know he’s wondered about his swimmers. But then I thought, how does one approach that subject without sounding as if she’s trying to convince him to conceive?

Well, my problem was solved when Charlie and Cavan watched that same episode later on this evening. When we took the dogs outside, I took the laptop and showed him the Fertell Web site. He said, “Oh, yeah! I was thinking about looking that up!” They sell it online or at CVS and Long’s drugstores. It seems kind of expensive, but considering the fact that you can’t get much fertility testing with your doctor unless you’ve been actually trying to conceive for 6-12 months . . . It’s kind of hard to walk in and go “Hey, I was just curious. Am I shooting blanks?”

Since we have no plans in the immediate or near future to have kids, it seems silly. But I think we’re both curious as to whether or not those areas are functioning.


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