Pre Dental Drip

I’ve remained gloriously free of allergies this spring, sitting back and breathing easily as Cavan and Charlie both sneeze, sniffle, and blow their noses.
Until, that is, last night. I started sneezing uncontrollably, clearing my throat, trying to blow my nose to clear at least one passage. I couldn’t sleep very well. When I woke up this morning, it was still going. I think I’ve sneezed two dozen times in the past three hours. I can, however, breathe slightly through my left nostril.

The unfortunate thing isn’t that my allergies are flaring up, it’s that it had to happen today of all days. The day I’m scheduled for yet another root canal. I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable it’s going to be to have my mouth cranked open while I’m trying not to swallow, wondering when I’ll have an opportunity to blow my nose, and trying not to sneeze whilst being injected with a million cubic centimeters of Novocaine and then wondering if my nose is running because I can’t feel it.


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